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Understanding Dao

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The dao cannot be trodden, because it cannot be tread, it cannot be made into a topic, because it is not conditional. It is unconditional. It is the Source of Infinite Conditions. Non-physical. It is the Source. It is infinite and eternal. It is simply pure positive energy, source, ever expanding. Infinitely ever expanding acceleration and speed and height of frequency of energy in motion of pure positive energy, it is the beginning of all and ever expanding, the highest most high, ever unnatainable, because it is evermore attainable. It is simply that which calls all things forward evermore. And also it is called forward by itself. The furthest most expanded state of being, that is available to you always here and now, unconditionally, under any and all conditions, regardless of any and all conditions. The source of all conditions. It is simply your true essence or soul. Your pure beingness. Unconditional beingness. I am. The consciousness is a result of dao. Because the consciousness is how the aspect of Dao that comes to know itself from all the different points of view that Dao has of itself, infinite and ever expanding. And so, here you are. Point of view. Of yourself. Of your own Dao. 


That is why I say love or joy. Because it is unconditional and non physical. Even in the astral realms, you can experience emotion, underlying all the physical, quasi physical and even non-physical experiences, you can experience emotion even beyond any physical sense at all. As your emotions are unconditional.


And your emotions are simply indicators, your emotional guidance system, is a self reference to your source or Dao. The reason you can sense emotion is because you always have an energy motional relativity to the ever expanding infinite and eternal Dao. So when your consciousness is in alignment, with Dao, you always feel emotionally very good. And the way to align your consciousness with Dao, is simply allow your consciousness energy motional persepctive, be guided by your emotions, to the fine tuning of your perspective of your consciousness, to that which feels better (eternally and infinitely evermore here and now).


With that comes absolute knowingness of evermore knowing, ever expanding knowing, evermore being knowing and more knowing and more knowing, in harmony and alignment with the ever expanding Source or Dao, infinite intelligence, eternal wisdom, unconditional love / joy, whatever you call those good feeling positive emotions that indicate your alignment with all of that, that indicate your ALLOWED realisation of it and with it and as it, etc 

As Dao is always being and becoming all that you want to be do or have, all that your life has caused you to want, consciously or unconsciously, Dao and along with it your soul or your greater non-physical consciousness or God, or Jesus or Buddha, or all those people who are "dead" also, instantly BECOMES IT, AND EXPANDS INTO THE MORENESS OF IT. UNCONDITIONALLY. ENERGY MOTIONALLY. SO THAT YOU CAN NEVER GET SEPERATED FROM IT. You have unconditional acces to your allowed realisation of it. You just gotta shift your perspective of your consciousness into an energy motional perspective that has no resistance, and then all that good stuff becomes visible. 


It is simply the same as what people call God. The non-physical, unconditional, ever expanding, infinite and eternal, aspect of God, or omnipresent nature of all beingness and/or existence, pure existence. As all is one and one is all. 


I changed the word "desire" in this translation to the word "yearning" because Lao Tzu was full of purely allowed to be evermore effortlessly and joyously and blissfully fully realised purely uncontradicted pure desire. As was all the masters and sages. And prophets. And they are still so, evermore, being so, here and now. Along with all the people who are "dead." As the desire is what puts the very eternalness in eternity of Dao. But yearning is self contradicted desire. Not fully allowed to be fully realised desire. And thus, with this simple and subtle fine tuning, this translation will be finally understood! The true original definition. 


So why is it said to let go of yearning? Lao Tzu was referring to the Art of Allowing! That is the art of deliberate creating, that is our destiny. To be in alignment with the Dao, and become conscious of our true nature of being a co-creator. We ever expandingly co-create our reality through the reflections of our own reality, of our own creation (past tense). Create (present tense). You can be conscious of your own creating, by being conscious always here and now, of your emotions. Which indicate how you are creating. 


When you flow your consciousness in Harmony and Alignment with your Source or Dao, you feel emotionally very good. It is not even describable in words to how good that feels. So every emotion is valuable, to let you know, how you are flowing your energy, in contradiction with itself or Dao, or in harmony and alignment with it. Feeling worse or better. Yearning or Allowing. Wanting and believing in the absence, and focusing on that which you don't want, and expanding that which you don't want..... OR wanting, and focusing on what you DO want, purely allowed to be flowed and realised pure desire. That is in harmony and alignment with the ever expanding dao. But now matter how good you feel, there is infinite more. Evermore. To be realised. Being and becoming evermore here and now. And so feeling very good is simply the path of least resistance, to the path of least resistance, to the path of least resistance. 


And the reason the emotion is the path of least resistance, is because it is directly linked, it is your direct link and connection to the Dao. Again... Every emotion that you feel is simply an indicator of your here and now, energy motional relativity between your consciousness and the Dao of which you are eternally and infinitely an inseperable extension. Being and becoming evermore here and now. 


When the word mystery is used. It is referring to the joy of true realiation and ever expanding knowingness. The mystery can be so subtle, not because it is subtle! It is just EXTREMELY PRECISE! EXTREMELY DETAILED AND RICH OF EVER EXPANDING KNOWINGNESS AND EVERMORE ALLOWED GREATER REALISATION AFTER EVERMORE GREATER ALLOWED REALISATION! Feels like evermore relief. Feeling emotionally better and better. To unimaginable heights of ever expanding rapturous extacies and beyond to infinity and eternity, etc, etc. 


And so where the mystery is deepest is the gate to all that is subtle and wonderful. So again, the word mystery I explained above. Where the joy of true evermore extatic realisation upon evermore realisation is the deepest, most expansive, most allowing, is the gate to all that is wonderful. And wonderful is simply awe. And it is in Nature. Because nature is always in alignment with Dao. Where as humans can often be out of alignment. Because they ignore their own natural emotional guidance system. The reason nature is so full of awes, is because nature doesn't care about conditions. They care primarily about the unconditional alignment with Dao. So a natural human, would not care about anything that exists, except their own natural desire to feel emotionally good, that comes primary. 


As Jesus wants to feel love so much, that even after he was being crucified, he said, "forgive them for they do not know what they are doing." 


And they still do not know! Love is the answer! It is not the condition. 




Do you see how irrelevant conditions are? When you can be in alignment with the Source of All Conditions. The natural path of least resistance. 


You see, no one is perfect. Not even Jesus was perfect. If he was perfect, he woulden't be crucified. He tried to forgive the people, not so that they can find redemption. He wanted to UNDO WHAT HE HAD CREATED. WHICH WAS OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH HIS OWN TRUE INTENTION OF BEING UNCONDITIONALLY IN ALIGNMENT WITH SOURCE. WHILE BEING ALIFE. 


Because when we die, we naturally come into alignment. But you cannot fix broken conditions. The way to fix them, is not to fix them. It is to prevent them. And the way to prevent them, is to stay in alignment with Dao. And the way to stay in alignment with Dao, is NO LONGER CARE ABOUT CONDITIONS. BE FREE EVERMORE. TO JUST CARE ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL. 


Your emotions will never feel good when you YEARN for something. Wanting something and believing in the absence of it. That is called resistance. And so, how do you release resistance to Dao? It is an eternal process. You simply shift your perspective, to one that feels better emotionally. And so, acceptance is one surefire way. But allowance... That is the key. To all of conscious deliberate creating and co-creating. It is the infinite grace of the infinite power. ETERNALLY INCOMPLETE POWER. ever expanding power. Not by difficulty. By EFFORTLESS NATURE. INFINITELY EXPANDING EFFORTLESSNESS. JOYOUS ALLOWING! CREATING ALL THAT EXISTS, BEING AND BECOMING EVERMORE HERE AND NOW. The greatest power there is, and it is ever expanding. And you are inseperable from it. You are an extension of it. And it is Dao. 


So next time you to looking for Dao, don't look at the topic title. Feel the topic titles. What feels better? That is YOUR UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL PATH OF LESSER RESISTANCE TO THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE WHICH IS FULL ALIGNMENT WITH DAO and the evermore ongoing realisation of it. When you find alignment with Dao, infinite ever expanding realisations will flow through your mind, simply for the joy and extacy of it. The unconditional good feeling emotion. You can never put that into words. It is an unconditional feeling. And the way to find it, love or joy or whatever you wanna call that good feeling emotion, is to find that which feels better. Because that which feels better, is an energy motional path of lesser resistance, and so it is the way to the path of even LESSER resistance, and thus the path way of even LESSER resistance yet! So the path of lesser resistance is the path of least resistance to the path of least resistance to the path of least resistance = alignment with ever expanding Dao. 


The Dao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Dao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name. (Conceived of as) having no name, it is the Originator of heaven and earth; (conceived of as) having a name, it is the Mother of all things.
Always without yearning we must be found,
If its deep mystery we would sound;
But if yearning always within us be,
Its outer fringe is all that we shall see.
Under these two aspects, it is really the same; but as development takes place, it receives the different names. Together we call them the Mystery. Where the Mystery is the deepest is the gate of all that is subtle and wonderful.



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