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No need to do any more FS calculations for the year 2020.  It is known.  



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On 11/13/2019 at 7:51 PM, Taomeow said:


Another caveat is that Yang Metal in the Heavenly Stem sits on top of Water in the Earthly Branch.  Yang Metal is not some aluminum foil or manicure scissors or fine gold earrings or a diamond ring -- essentially it's a huge chunk of metal.  A ship.  A battleship.  And the position in 2020 will be rather precarious for it, because Metal lacks the support of its Mother phase, Earth. 


A fire on board USS Bonhomme Richard at San Diego Naval Base (that's some 25 miles from where I live) started yesterday and is expected to take days to put out.  I didn't know until this morning when I woke up to strong smell of chemicals in the air.  People all over the area, even a few dozen miles away, report smelling all kinds of nasty stuff, some were woken up by the smell in the middle of the night.  Saw an advisory about keeping the windows closed, but didn't catch yet how official it was and how strongly advised, just folks sharing whatever anyone knows. 


About 60 sailors, firefighters and civilians were injured, mostly due to smoke inhalation.  Fortunately no fatalities were reported.      


USS Bonhomme Richard Burns, Likely A Victim Of Lax Fire Safety ...




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