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cool HT post by David Twicken

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Hello jsrit:


The methods I presented are very safe, this was one of my goals. Having practiced Chinese Medicine for a some years it is clear some methods can be unhealthy and I avoided them in the book, and I do not think they add much anyway.


There is no one right way to do these practices, I believe if you know what the goal is then there are many ways to accomplish it. Also, when the channels are flowing well one does not need to do these practices as much, one can do less and less and just sit. The goal of much of the practices in my view is to learn to relax, circulate the Qi that resides in your body and then take more Qi in from around us, the more one relaxes this happens automatically. This is all about emotional health, physical health and vitality. The rest is a liftime of letting go of what has been artifically created to reveal what has always existed. So we float in and out of that experience, hopefully as we cultivate we can stay there more and more each day.


After studying Taoist Alchemy, Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology it is clear to me so many take the Taoist literature to literal, just my opinion. I suggest reading some of Cleary's book by Li I-Ming, very revealing, explains a view of what many taoist terms and stated mean.


If we follow the guidance of Lao Tzu the path of alchemy becomes clearer , I suggest any practice you do should fit with the guidance of the Tao Teh Ching.


It is my experience the basic things are the hardest things to incorporate into one's life; relaxing, emotional balance, physical health, this is the real acheivement that many so called highl level people dont have.


I have always beleived some of the Taoists systems become like a competition, to rush to complete each course, let me share something, many of the people around for 20 years ore more end of going back to the basics, everything is really there.




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