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Jim D.

Emptiness can conserve energy

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We recycle here. I have been filling our recycle bin weekly, and adding an extra bin ones when there is too much to recycle. So, I decided one day to use the emptiness of a can, or oatmeal box to my benefit. It was almost like filling up a grocery bag...finding the right positioning of the groceries so that the paper bag would be easy to carry and sturdy at the same time. Sometimes you have to double bag them which takes up space within the space of the bag being used to double bag the first bag. Well, as I placed the recycle in the recycle bin during the week, I carefully placed the recycle items so as to make the emptiness of the recycled can or box...usable. I just simply placed the next used cans and boxes inside the can or box  already found inside the recycle bin...reducing the emptiness of the recycle items found in the bin. The conservation  of energy came on recycle day when I was pulling only one bin out to the curb, rather than two.

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