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What's the big deal?


Transphobia directly and materially impacts tens of millions of particularly vulnerable human lives.


Transgender people are constantly compelled to explain and defend their very existence everywhere they go, often with valid fears of being ostracized, fired, attacked and murdered.


The very least that I can do here, is be an asshole sometimes to ensure that any trans or gender questioning people visiting this one so-called spiritual forum never need to explain, defend, or feel shamed or mocked for their existence. Period.


If the price for this sanctuary is that some, perhaps innocently, ignorant members are no longer given a safe space to confidently air their incomprehension of the world being more complex than they were assured as little boys and girls — that's the price I'm willing to pay.


I recognize this can be an exasperating subject for newcomers. Modern life already feels so complex. Now you're telling me that gender, something surely based on the definitive, "hard science of genitalia and chromosomes", is being questioned?


I've had this conversation in person with so many people, and the visceral frustration that gender might not be simple "anymore" is palpable. I can empathize with that.


For those of you trying to understand this stuff, I can recommend the following two very entertaining suggestions:






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