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Feeling confused and lost

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Often spiritual people feel completely lost and confused and even despair, because they are emotional beings. Creative and chaotic it is said. But this is not true. Because there is actual great intelligence at the heart of all your emotions. If you realise what your emotions truely are, then you simply never feel confused and lost. And the reason is simply, because you know absolutely certain, without a doubt, of what you are feeling. You feel confused and lost. And that emotion is a guidance you are receiving from your own greater intelligence. Call it the Source of All Creation, from which you are inseperable, and your soul as the breath of the source of all creation, holds this greater intelligence and knowing for you at all times. So when you focus in such a way, you think, and you offer a perspective and hold on to a perspective, that is not compatible with your true nature, you feel negative emotion, energy in motion, as self contradictory energy, of your own soul flowing through your physical being, through thoughts which are self contradictory and this results in negative energy in motion, felt as negative emotion, in this case as feeling confused and lost.


So you realise, whenever you feel confused and lost, it is not because you are confused and lost, it is actually because your greater non-physical consciousness, meaning the fullness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore as an eternal and infinite being of evermore becoming, is NOT CONFUSED AND LOST. That is why you feel confused and lost, because you as a physical human being are focused in such a way that does not harmonize, agree, align, with your own soul's greater knowing. So you feel confused and lost, why? Because you are thinking that you are confused and lost, and your soul is not thinking that, cannot think that, will not think that, and so if you do think that, you are flowing your soul, your life force, the essence of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, through you, in self contradictory ways, which result in energy motional discord for yourself. And so, the longer you allow those emotions, the more you will feel and become lost in your experience, not because you are lost, but because your soul is not lost, it is eternal and infinite and becoming evermore.


People think their soul is some tiny light that exists within them that is vulnerable. It's completely the other way around, your soul is most closely in harmony and alignment with the Infinite Intelligence and Eternal Wisdom. And that is why you feel emotions. For if you could not feel confused and lost, it would mean, you would truely be confused and lost, and then you would enjoy being confused and lost, why? Because your soul would then be confused and lost, and so being confused and lost would feel amazing to you. Which is possible, but often spiritual people, creative people, sometimes chaotic people, tend to not realise the guidance of their heartfelt emotions, and so they ignore how they feel, and by feeling it and accepting it, as saying... I cannot change this emotion, I am a victim to this emotion. That is false! The emotion is literally a guidance to come back into alignment with your own greater knowing! You don't experience negative emotion as a punishment, it's a guidance. It's like, touching hot fire, its painful. That pain is not a punishment, it's simply a guidance. To let you know, that what you are doing is not beneficial.


So people think, wait, SO I AM causing this emotion? But how? Look at these conditions and that condition in my life, I feel lost because of this condition and that condition. Nope... You feel the emotions, within yourself, unconditionally. Because your emotions are a literal indication of the relationship between you (physical) and You (non-physical greater consciousness).


So the moment you feel confused and lost you are literally blessed by infinite intelligence. For how can you feel confused and lost if there was not something better than that experience flowing to you, and you are not allowing it to be fully realised by you. You don't do it on purpose, you don't do it intentionally, but you are still doing it. You are still focused in such a way, perceiving in such a way, that you feel confused and lost. And if you know you don't like that feeling, THAT'S IT. It's done. You don't like it, it's over it's done. You now know everything that is important for you to know. That is also why you feel that emotion. To help you know everything that you need to know when you need to know it. As emotions. As understanding who you really are, is more than what you are allowing yourself to realise right now. So you don't do it on purpose, you are thinking something that is causing this feeling. And if that thought is realised and thus let go of, the emotion is gone. Just like when you take your hand off a hot object, the pain is gone. 


So  at first people are often discouraged by their emotions. They feel it to be a punishment. And if you think that, then the emotion wont go away ever. Because it's literal love that you feel emotion. If you cannot feel the opposite of love, it means you are not love. If you are love, it means you can feel a contradiction of that love, as self contradictory energy within you. So you are still experiencing this love energy of who you really are, but it is flowing in such a way, that it contradicts the self. And to the degree that there is contradiction, there is feeling worse, emotionally, energy motionally. But often to use words to describe the good feeling of your evermore being and becoming, as a fully realised true nature of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, is not important, because words mean different things to different people. It's just important that you feel what you feel, and realise how it feels. It feels not so good, worse, or it feels better.


And it's not difficult to find the thought that is why you feel lost and confused. When you feel lost and confused. Because the fact that you would be feeling that, means that thought is active right now in your mind. So you think, "I don't know what the point of all of this is." And you realise, ofcourse, I feel confused and lost. I am thinking "I don't know what the point of all of this is." So the assumption is there is no value here. Pure chaos and irrelevance. And your soul is focused on your evermore greater realisation of all the values, so you feel confused and lost because you don't flow with your soul to that realisation. However, you don't do it on purpose. And it's not the end of the world. You cannot ever become seperated from your soul, because you are an extension of it. That is why you feel emotion. So it's not a punishment, it's just a guidance. So let's enjoy this guidance.


I'm focused on lack of values. I feel not so good, because my soul is focused on all the values and true meaning, and true realisation of all the true values of all that I truely am being and becoming evermore here and now. Is it easy for me to instantly just allow that realisation all of the sudden, if I'm so used to thinking in contrary to my own soul's desire? No, because you energetic thought patterns are simply where they are. If you're used to feeling bad, you will continue to feel bad, untill you focus in such a way, that feels slightly better. And so you feel slightly better. And keep doing that, you come back to full realisation eventually. That's what enlightenment is. It is your natural state of being, feeling free and light, like the light of knowledge. So keep it simple, and expand upon it. Not because you're trying to solve a puzzle, it's just that you wanna feel better, that's it. Because your soul already knows everything you want to know. And you are here to enjoy living in harmony with that, the leading edge extension of your soul, and all that it is being and becoming evermore, THROUGH YOU. So go hand in hand with your soul, that always feels better and good, and that's easy. To simply realise, you deserve to know who you really are. Because it will always feel better, and you will always become more, so you will always feel better. And the less you fight it, the more easy it becomes to  feel better. You will become used to letting go of contradictory thought more easily, because you feel so good, that contradictory thought will become more repulsive and less necessary to contemplate. IT doesn't offer any value, because you know the true value is in the full realisation of your full being. And that always feels good and better.


And so you think, well what is that value that will make me feel better? What is so amazing about this experience?! That I HAVE to experience it. I don't wanna experience all of this! And so? You wanna experience something else? And THAT is the realisation. If you wanna experience something else, then just experience something else. You need to find a difference. How? You feel your way, to what feels better. You can think about what you want. Instead of thinking about what you don't want to think about. And often people don't feel free to think about what they want to think about. Then you are simply focused on a lesser freedom. And it wont ever serve you to do that. Because people only force you think about something, because they want you to use your freedom in a good way. So they say, don't use your freedom to cause me pain, use your freedom to be good to me. Hey, hello! I'm here aswell! Don't forget about me! Think about me, and think about my thoughts! You cannot do that. You cannot love everything at the same time. Because as a physical human being, your soul already does that for you, you just are here to enjoy the experience and move it into new expansion of new realisation of new desires of new realisations. Sure, in love, you can relate to other people allot. So one who loves everyone always becomes most inclusive of all thoughts. Because they don't get lost in those small ideas of exploration, they don't lose the big picture just by one thought. So they can help guide you to the more full realisation of your own small thoughts, becoming more, in directions that is in alignment and harmony with your own evermore being and becoming evermore.  Like someone wants to be free, you get a teacher teaching you to drive a car. Or you let your own soul teach you to walk in freedom. Whatever way is more enjoyable is the way. Including the freedom to just be where you are. And if that makes you realise you don't wanna be there, you can simply want to be somewhere else.


But you will always be stuck here and now, evermore. So you true freedom is truely to allow yourself to be more fully here and now, regardless of conditions, and simply love unconditionally, allow unconditionally, and expand from within, to without. As the natural way of life. Of existance being and becoming evermore. That's simply all well and good. And again, if you experience it to not be all well and good, it's not the end of the world. That's just an experience, that helps you realise, you do want to experience it to be all well and good. And so, you will want to realise it, and so you will only be able to realise it by focusing on all being well and good. Starting small. With your own soul. As the unconditional being that you are, that is invulnerable, eternal and infinite. You can die to that, you will just become more of it. But your soul always exists and is being and becoming evermore. And the more you allow that, the more you enjoy your here and now. And the more you will realise every here and now and all the values that is holds for you. All the things you enjoy about it. It's just playful game. Of consciousness reflection. Of variety. So you are free to focus on that which you enjoy the most here and now. 


And that is where confusion lifts. And you don't feel lost, because you are focused on what feels the best to you. On what you truely want evemore. No need to change the conditions, to allow them to help you realise what you want, and why you are here. If there was nothing about here and now that you love, you simply woulden't be here. There always exists something you love and enjoy here and now. You just gotta feel for it, because your soul already knows it. And so your emotions are perfect. Always.


All this complexity simply comes back to the center, of you feeling better, because you move with your soul again, not in the physical sense of moving. But energetic, focused, moving of consciousness. Of giving your attention to where you or what you want to. Freely. To realise what true value is for you, because you can feel it when you find it. Within yourself. You find it through yourself. From within to without. First in your self, as thoughts, or imagined idea, conjured thought that feels good. Then when you feel good, you can find the moreness of that idea and thought expanding evermore ongoingly feeling better and better. Like drawing one line that you love and so you see all the amazingness of that line and all that it could it be, and you allow your imagination to fill the gaps, to create an image. And as you realise, it doesn't feel so good, it's wonderful! Because now you also know more clearly what thus then DOES feel better. So simple and easy. So accurate, so guided, so loved, by your soul, so supported and loved unconditionally. No matter what you choose. What path in life, you will always feel accurately how you feel, and thus you can shift your focus into directions that feel better ongoingly. Endlessly. All the way to feeling absolute extacy. And full freedom and enlightenment in all the fully realised thoughts, of source and soul and unconditional love and all true nature of all true eternal and infinite being and becoming evermore, of true values of all that you love so much because all of it feels so good to you and so it's all so good, it's all so relevant and so enjoyable. So you gonna cry because you thought about something that doesn't feel good? No ofcourse not! Does the artist paint something and then see a negative unwanted aspect and then what? Die? Because they painted something wrong? No, simply erase or make an adjustment, or improve. Or even start over again into a complete new direction. Same with life. Same with your consciousness. You will always focus into better feelings. Because your soul is always being and becoming more, and always gonna call you, Source of All Creation, is always gonna become the furthest most expanded state of being and call you towards it evermore. For the joy of the eternal journey of evermore being and becoming. 


You are not alone with this. You got your heart and emotions. Because you are co-creating with your own soul. And you are here for a reason, to express your true being in whatever way you so wish and love to be do or have whatever you want. And enjoy that desire, being and becoming evermore fully defined by you. And just enjoying the small ideas that feel good, as they lead to more of likeness to that, naturally as natural expansion of energy in motion, of thoughts, fully in alignment with your soul, that feels good, indicating alignment with the path of least resistance, that is all of existance being and becoming evermore. As simple as a thought that feels good. And it becoming more. And more ongoingly. And also loving the thoughts that don't feel good, because they help you more fully realise all that you truely ARE about. You need to know what you are not, to know what you are. So don't hate things that don't feel good, just let it help you understand what you do love about it, approach it in a way that feels better. And often the very thing you don't love is actually something you love the most. If you find a way to look at it the way your soul looks at it. And that's why you feel bad when your soul looks at it in a different way. Like saying a airplane is a demon screaming despair in the sky. While your soul may be fully appreciating the amazing feat of engineering and the amazing realisation of humans in flying and soaring through the sky, and the freedom and rising above the clouds. You know how your thoughts feel, so you can always reach a fuller greater allowed realisation. Why? Because it's a guide. Your soul is a guide, your emotions are a guide. That's it. It's all to be enjoyed. And work hand in hand with all of who you truely are. 


So often people live in a small tiny reality, and when they step out of that reality, suddenly, everything thought they have had, suddenly feels completely irrelevant and no longer applicable. And so they feel lost in that. So what survives? What remains? We feel absolute fear and terror and lost, no longer capable of relating to all that we see around us. It's like the curse of freedom in people their experience. It's like a child getting thrown on the streets and left behind, and they lost their parents. Completely lost. Not knowing what to do, what to think, feeling afraid of everything and not trusting anything. Well... THAT IS A GUIDE! It's not a punishment, it's a guidance! Of unconditional love. So you think "all these people don't care about me." You feel awful. It's a guide. So you retreat and go back within yourself. Cower and hide in a bush somewhere. And thinking about good things. Of kindness. Or a savior. You think about a parent or a loving being who loves you unconditionally. Well who is that? YOU. You are that. You are focusing within yourself and creating these ideas of love for yourself. To feel what that love feels like. You know why? Because it exists. You don't know how to recognize it in this new environment. But the love exists here aswell. But you need to go within yourself to find that love, because you need to feel it first, before you can then recognize it outside of yourself. And when you do, you think, well, this bush is not attacking me. I kinda feel safe here. Most people don't attack me. But most importantly, those things outside of you don't matter that much. Because it's all new and potential. So find the love within yourself. It doesn't have to be a reality outside of you. Cause you cannot recognize that reality unless you can feel it first. Then when you experience a new version of that feeling, it will become fully realised by you.


So you think about your clothes, how they care for you, as a child. Isn't the parent, in the clothes you wear? it's like that. And understanding, that your very body is the suit / vessel of your soul. Through which you experience this reality. The body takes care of you. So you trust yourself more. You love yourself more. You learn you already contain the parent within yourself. And since you contain the parent for yourself of yourself, you will then realise that the parent is not just one thing. The one who protects you from harm is not just one human being. It's the actual nature of all of existance. It stems from the source of all creation. It's the goodness and love in and of everything. And it can be recognized in so SO many things! So now, imagine realising that! From going to absolutely feeling lost and confused and afraid. To full blown realisation of ever more expanding love everywhere and in everything and forever being and becoming evermore. You suddenly feel the parent under your feet. The very ground that supports you! And carries you all of the time. Then does it matter that that there are infinite more ways that you can learn and experience the love of a parent? Or are you just enjoying the way you come to know here and now, evermore. Because you are eternal and infinite. So why wait, for something, that will be evermore. You can even wait, and still enjoy the way it is now. Then the waiting will simply no longer be a waiting. It's just allowing the goodness of what is now, knowing the the more of that goodness will be more of it one day aswell. 


And maybe you find your parents again and maybe you don't. But the love is there evermore, because you are made out of it. Even if your parents forget that love it is still always there, because you are made out of it. You are it. Your soul is it. And being and becoming the evermoreness of it evermore. So really, timeless joy. It's all good. And being and becoming evermore. Because you are focused on what matters the most. And so you say to the entire universe, what you are truely all about. And so the universe has no choice, but to support you in being who you are. So the reflections all come, the experiences of love all come. Because you are only focused on that which you love. And the moment it seems to go away. You don't get discouraged. You just realise, oh, I have expanded, I have become more. My soul has become more. So now the joy of going with that expansion will be THAT ENJOYABLE to the degree that you feel shocked by not going and flowing with that expansion of your soul's being and becoming the moreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. That shocking experience is a great wonderful new point of experience. So you no longer need to experience it as a shock. You just trust your emotions. And realise, you feel that way for a reason, because there is something great for me to be fully realised here and now. Like someone being rude to you. You think about them honoring you and respecting you. Appreciating you. Or maybe you see a more kind place around you, more harmonious. Etc. Whatever you create, it's all good. It will always be something that will feel better for you. And you don't need to suffer that long, to allow yourself to realise what feels better for you from within. And simply letting without, to be and become, according to your nature evermore. You are unconditionally supported and loved. Always. In everything and all things and in all ways and every way.


It's really about enjoying those thoughts. And finding your own way and experience of being who it is you truely are being and becoming evermore freely. And it's not difficult. It's easy and normal and natural. It's just like playing. There is no serious purpose or reason for all of it. Even the most serious of all people, like strictly religious people, don't all of their rules and strictness exist for a reason that is very good and free and beautiful and playful? Like paradise. The original creation of all of that is all through love. The words change always. Because humans come to new being and becoming, a more improved being and becoming, more fully realised, and so they look back at the old teachings, and they see a more common silver lining. And through that love they begin to unite all of their fullness of understand for and of all those religious ideas. Why all those rules were made, because they were all made with a good intention in mind. For something that is good. That they believe in because it feels very good to believe in it. Because that is who they truely are being and becoming evermore. Because it is in alignment with their soul. And the translation of that in words, is not important. It's all relative. It's the emotion that is the true teacher, and the experience of your emotions as a guide always. Evermore. You can explore science that way, religion, life, sport, whatever. For the purpose of coming to know all that you love evermore. That is where all of your understanding is fully allowed to be and become evermore. As an infinite and eternal aspect of all that exists as one and all. And as an extension of the source of all creation, as the breath of it's eternal and infinite nature of being and becoming evermore. 


So do you really need one word to describe everything? No... But you need to feel your way always. Because you are always fully supported by the source of all creation, of the core of all of existance being and becoming evermore. And you really are here to enjoy this experience. It's not serious or difficult at all. For that seriousness and difficulty will always simply inspire a more playful and lighthearted approach. Everyone seeks enlightenment, because their soul already is enlightened. And you experience it by finding conscious alignment with your soul. And if you meditate, and you think no thought that contradicts your soul's greater knowing, your soul's greater knowing will simply naturally, always through the path of least resistance, be and become for you evermore. Allowed by you. Simply, easily effortlessly naturally automatically. You will feel better. Because you focus on anything consistently, to let go of all thoughts. And as you do, you realise your unconditional nature. And as you do, you will realise your true nature and true freedom, that you've always been and are always being and becoming the evermoreness of all of it.


You focus freely as a consciousness. Always. And through this focus, the moreness of what you focus upon will be realised by you evermore. So always focus in harmony with your soul. And how you feel is how you know. You feel better, you are focused together with your soul, into full blown realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. And to simply allow those good feeling stream of thoughts to naturally be and become. That's the whole point of your life. Nothing serious about that. It's just simply fun to be free and enjoy whatever you are here to enjoy. And there's also nothing you cannot enjoy. You are unconditional worthy being of love. You got all of existance at your finger tips. For your choosing. What to focus upon what you give your attention and what you expand upon and allow the moreness of it to be and become evermore.


And this life simply helps you realise what you want evermore. It's not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Because you will always feel it instantly. And often you can feel it even before you choose it so you simply let go of choosing it, and choose something else that is different and that feels better. Like meditating. Because you are free evermore. To find alignment with your soul and your true nature. To allow that even, as it is already always attempting to flow through you naturaly as your natural allowed enlightenment. Of feeling free. Free from all conditions. Because they just exist for a good purpose and reason, and all of existance flows from the source of all creation of infinite intelligence and love and eternal wisdom and compasion. And it's all good. So you don't need to do anything to allow everything to be and become better evermore. It's a done deal. It's already being and becoming better evermore. To simply relax. And let go of thinking so much. So you begin to really receive good feeling thoughts, begin to really be inspired by your own true nature. And really experience that you truely are supported always evermore. To be do or have whatever you want. Because you are simply willing to stay in alignment and harmony with your own true nature, unconditionally, meaning under any and all conditions. That you are good. And you are known by the source of all creation. Your soul, and all of your desires is known. And it is being and becoming evermore for you. That's simply a done deal. To simply enjoy all of that. And trust it. And letting go of worrying so much. And trying so hard. To simply relax into who you truely are. And enjoy all that you truely are. And let go of worrying all of the time. Stop making a big deal out of things. To trust the good nature of everything. To realise we all are worthy. And everything in existance is perfect just the way it is.


Even as someone doesn't realise what they are doing, and it may hurt you. That doesn't mean that they don't love you, at the core of who they truely are. It's just that their expression, is not fully realised by you nor them. So why blame those conditions, because they have nothing to do with all that truely exists here and now. To realise, that you may not be fully capable of comprehending something, doesn't mean it's bad. Doesn't mean we need to fight it. It just means we need to allow the more fully realisation of all that truely all of that truely is. What its true core meaning and value is for us. And we don't even need to understand! That's the most important part. We are so loved, we are even allowed to believe that we are not loved. Even the most lost human beings, who completely lost their way, they may do bad things, because they simply don't know any other way to express the desire to come to realise the fullness of all that they truely know from within. So they feel stuck in this self contradictory mode of being, and it feels bad, and so they experience bad things, and so they act in accordance with all of that self contradictory being and becoming. And then they die eventually, and realise, all is good and all is love. And they felt bad, they really didn't mean to do all those things. They did it because they knew something deep within them, of the wrongness of what they experienced, and so they seek to goodness evermore. Because they cannot stop their soul from becoming all the moreness of all the goodness evermore. So why fight it. Why fight all the good things, just because you believe you are not deserving of it? So you feel you need a way to believe in your unconditionally deserving nature again. Through the idea of pain and struggle and punishment. Why? Because you are punishing yourself. For believing that you are not worthy. That you do not deserve and you do not belong. So you need that outside reflection of punishment, to remind you, that you truely are worthy. That you cannot ever go deep into despair enough to be truely lost. You can only temporarily block your being and becoming. And then you die, and that blockage is vanished. And you are fully realised again.  And all that sadness and fear and despair and chaos and confusion and lostness and suffering and pain. It's really just as simple as a tap on your own shoulder, hey, you got this. You know what is better. Otherwise this would feel very good. Don't be afraid of yourself. Don't be afraid to look yourself in the mirror, and say that you are ok, and good. There is never a need to cause suffering for yourself. Because suffering will always feel bad. Not because you are being punished. But because you are good. Eternally. And the more you fight it, the more pain you will feel, of not believing in all the good things you know to be true for yourself, because your heart feels good in all of that, so it is the truth, it is compatible with your true nature, of your heart, and your soul, which is why you feel the emotion at all, because your soul is all of that which you call good being and becoming evermore. And that is why the suffering is eternal. Because you cannot stop your eternal worthiness and goodness and loveness, and purpose and meaningfulness and value, and true realisation of true being and fullness of realisation and realised freedom of true being and becoming evermore. 


You just need to trust in what you believe, because it feels good. The ideas that don't feel good, you don't believe it, and you can never accomplish the believing in it, because the reflections of those things will always show you how much you truely don't trust it and believe it and how painful it is and how false it is and how lacking of truth it is, and so you can feel the lack of truth in that, it feels bad. And that emotion, is the fullness of the truth. it sums all that you need to know evermore, fully, always here and now, accurately. Absolutely flawlessly. Evermore. To realise, this feels bad, so IT IS BAD for me to experience this right now. It's not ok to focus in that way. It is wrong to think that! So you are free from it evermore! Because it is who you really are that you surrender to! You allow yourself to be who it is you truely are! Being and becoming evermore. Freely. Enjoyable. inspiredly. In harmony. Injoyably.


The worst of the absolute worst kind of human. Is the most important human being. Because if you can love them. You set all of humanity free forevermore. And the love will help you recognize, that love, no matter how different it may seem from you, you will recognize it, because that is what your love is capable of doing. Because you are that love, and you are thus free forevermore, to be do or have whatever you want. And this desire, is absolute perfect and good and better evermore. And the moment you feel challenged in your love, you often begin to fight, and thereby seperate yourself from yourself. But you cannot ever be seperated, because you will feel worse if you do that. And that you feel worse, means, you are still connected fully to your soul and the core of all that you truely are. No matter what you do or say while you feel bad, it is not who you truely are. Otherwise it would feel good to you. And easy to say those things, and it would feel good to say and do those things. And to realise you cannot cause harm to another, only to yourself, by doing this. That is the true realisation of unconditional love. Evermore. That you want to do those things, because you think you will feel better if you do them. You want those things, because you think you will feel better in the doing being or having of what you think you want. So enjoy those desires, always, from within, and feel it from without. Being and becoming evermore, as all of who it is that you truely are being and becoming evermore, as joy for all that you love evermore and want, because why? Because it feels better to think about it. And as you do, you will always realise the greater more fully realised reality of whatever truely feels good and better evermore. 


And so you no longer think conditionally. You think emotionally. You think in harmony with your soul. You allow all of your eternal and infinite worthy nature of being evermore. As just another opportunity to love. To enjoy. To injoy. To weave with the ever weaving love of the infinite existance being and becoming evermore eternally. Along the path of least resistance, that is all of existance being and becoming evermore, that is where all the fun is and all the true realisation is for you to be allowed by you evermore. Simply relaxing into the enjoyment of all of it evermore. You don't need to learn anything special to simply enjoy being who you truely are being and becoming evermore here and now, relaxed, easy, light playful. You are worthy, you deserve everything, so let it all be good. As it always is. And you will find, you will always find your way as you will always feel your way. To that which feels better evermore. Because that is simply normal and natural. And easy. It is the most easy thing you can do. It's as easy as falling asleep, letting go, and letting god. Letting go, and falling in love. Letting go, and allowing. You do nothing, and you leave nothing undone. And you realise everything greater and more fuller evermore. As all is good, and it's all good and becoming even better evermore. So what is there left to do but to enjoy everything evermore. To simply feel good, because it feels good to feel good. Because it is who you truely are being and becoming evermore. So why fight your own true nature? Why not just let it in, and let god. And let all be good. And let all be and become better evermore. To simply allow everything. Everything that you want. And realise that you want it because it feels better and it feels good. So it is normal and natural. And so it is easy. And so it's so easy, that you are feeling so free. To be who you truely are, evermore, unconditionally. And allow everything to be and become evermore. In full harmony with all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. As infinite and eternal existance, expanding evermore. WIthin and without. Becoming deeper evermore, and more broad. And more fully realised. And more fully free. And more fully realised. And more fully free. Nautrally, effortlessly. As breathing in, and breathing out. As natural harmony of all of creation. As all of creation being and becoming evermore. As the natural flow and way of life. As the dao. As all that exists. Physical and non-physical, all of it. Everything. Fully realised. And fully understood and experienced and loved and enjoyed. And allowed. And simply relaxed. And breathing in and out. And relaxed. So free and so easy. To simply be here and now. AS all that exists, is here and now, evermore. And its all good. And being and becoming better evermore. Thanks to you. Because you are what all that exists is made out of. And you are the reason it becomes more evermore. it all exists for you. So that you can enjoy all of it evermore. In all the ways that you will always do so. For you are free, to do so evermore in all the ways you so wish. For all the ways you so truely are. Being and becoming, in full harmony and alignment with all that you truely are, that is truely compatible with your true nature, it truely feels good.

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