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New to the place

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Hey there


Been love reading the posts on here and borrowing the suggestions and materials.


About Me


I'm slightly dedicated to movement practices, both linear and non linear. Meditate er-day - observing the breath and noting thinking. I've had wonderful experiences with plants - like ridiculous. 

I'm finally settling into a more consistent flow of practice - more dedication and less cynicism. I am interested in extra sensory perceptions and developing those kind of organs and imaginations. A (surprisingly legit), grounded, talented, shaman and I have crossed paths and we are both interested in transferring his own healing techniques to me. I think much of it will be focused on delicately and intelligently clearing energetic blocks via psycho-somatic therapy and tissue support. That's just an intuition. 


Why this forum? 


Other than my existing interest in reading the interesting and helpful posts - I would like to receive and give support. On my end - I have lots of discomfort in my body due to high impact sports in the past and sometimes overwhelming surges of energy that I've working on honing into appropriate and creative outlets. I think the pain may be a hypersensitivity and paranoia to sensation. There has been times when the pain has been very informing and transforms, at least perceptually into "just sensation" and even pleasant sensation. So I think I may be able to find other lenses to look at this through on this site, and experiment with others perspectives on it. 





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