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Fellow bum checking in

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Hi everyone. I'm a greenhorn qigong guy. I got into the practice following some overwhelming energy "stuff" coming from a very stressful life and a lot of meditation.

My practice is zhan zhuang. I follow Master Lam's book The Way of Energy and Cai Songfang's book Wujushi Breathing Exercise. I'm only do the wu ji / wu chi position for now.

I have been doing about an hour a day, give or take a half hour, for about three months. I'd like to get up to two hours or even more. My main practice hurdle is poor neck posture, but I also have a leg which always starts shaking quite a bit and that can cut my sessions short.

I'm based in Cambodia and always on the lookout for good teachers, so if you know of one, be sure to give me a shout.

Take care,


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