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26:11what do you guys think the other ingredients are and do you believe this experience is alike the one mentioned in Buddhist texts where monks are prepared for death before death or even in the Wang Lipin's book Opening the Dragon Gate (which most of you might already be familiar with) where a special concoction was given to Wan Lipin by his masters and he was able to access the realm where the dead go. 


I'm looking for your opinion as to these rituals and whether you know about the alchemy related to this or other similar formulas. 


There was another piece of material that comes to mind when discussing the experience of alchemy; The book "The Red Lion" by Maria Szepes. 


Thank you

Edit: I just realized this topic may be better in the off grid forum. Hope this topic isnt too hardcore for this thread. 

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Topic may be better in the off grid forum, hope it's not too much if a sensitive topic for here.
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