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Ola, Yahsoo, Hello!

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Im not one for posting specific introductions as I feel one can only really get to know someone after engaging them in discussion etc, but since it is a Tao Bum's ritual to do this, how can one refuse LOL - but be assured I do not require any replies to make me feel comfortable or welcome.


I hail from the Isle of Albion and am now closer to the Elysium Fields than I am to the date of my birth. As is typical of my people I am rather 'stiff upper lipped' and proper, prefer a cup of tea to any demonstrations of emotion and do not seek out friendships, but am not averse to such things if they should occur though beware getting between me, my cat, my dog or my TV, LOL.


I have traversed the spiritual way since almost as long as I can remember, have studied under many a teacher and traveled the world seeking 'Shangri La', but always find myself returning to the green fields of England upon which those 'hallowed' feet once walked.


I enjoy philosophy, psychology, anthropology, archaeology and ecology and of course the usual mundane distractions such as music, gardening and cooking, having been completely vegetarian since I was 13 yrs old and of course as mentioned above, TV & Movies.


How I would label myself spiritualy is difficult, sometimes being Pagan suits, sometimes being Buddhist suits, sometimes being an Occultist or a Theosophist suits, but since I am choosing to join this forum obviously I would also choose Taoist occasionaly as well. However I would certainly never describe myself as Muslim and would be very careful using the word Christ-ian, for even though it is itself a Greek word relationg to Greek Pagan concepts it has now become far tooooooo associated with the religion of that Jewish Rabbi Yeshua.


My first 'experience' of Taoism was in the early 1970's via the increasing popularity of Kung Fu and the martial arts at that time, none of which I studied to any degree, always being more in the mind than in the body, prefering philosophy to kinesiology. My first 'breakthrough' Taoist book was one I picked up at a second hand book shop entitled 'Monastry of the Jade Mountain' by Peter Goullart, which was a personal account of ones man spiritual search through China in the 1930's. Since I have obtained a large collection of Tao Te Chings and many more books on Taoism of various writers, but only one by Mantak Chi bought in 1984, who though very popular in the West tends to be tooo sexualy inclined for my taste.


Well considering I dont usualy do intros, I suppose the above is quite enough, perhaps much tooooooo enough LOL



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