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Greetings :)

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Hey guys I've been an armchair cultivator(if there ever was such a thing :) ) for a couple of years now and am finally ready  to stop intellectually shopping around and develop my own path. I'm signing up to share experiences, resources and learn together. 

My style has been to start with the subtlest teachings and then reintegrate back into the physical. I've spent the last 5 years meditating, screwing with psychedelics, studying buddhism and cross-referencing any other tradition or new age recapitulation that speaks on awakening and enlightenment. I've gotten some level of attainment in that respect having solely focused on debugging the perceptual matrix of the acquired mind  but having not paid mind to grounding, moderation, integration, breaks, and self-care I find myself in the midst of a recovery from emotional and physical burnout. 


I've got space, emptiness and am sated from truth seeking but lack the juice and vitality to be of effective service. I'm excited to delve into a more embodiment-focused leg of my journey and hope my original intuition of vastly accelerated progress based on awakening from the get-go ends up paying off. If not then I will have much sweet advice to give from the many mistakes and wrong-turns I'll inevitably uncover on a path based in humility, transparency and authenticity. If I find my intuitions are confirmed then perhaps the new age is more formless than the more restricted forms and interpretations of the past may have anticipated and we may actually be in the midst of a global awakening on many levels.


For clarity sake I think all progress is dependent on the quality of ones awareness which is naturally formless but is bound to the direction of perception it doesn't recognize as none other than itself in-form. In absence of the heavy influence of unrefined perception there is a convergence of the fantastical, radical, atemporal, acausal, infinite and eternal. A well developed foundation of a human life which can integrate these paradoxes well is our goal in order to effectively channel the limitless power we cut ourselves off from until we are ready to handle it in the midst of creation. I seem to have unlocked seamless access to the paradoxical layers of "reality" and am looking to integrate it with the practices and progressions of the gradual paths to see what happens. Rather than a point where no more need be learned I found the joy of experience itself is in the continuous learning and it appears that no matter how often reality awakens to itself its still what it is. Enlightenment is our creation-side name for the eternal and ever present. Creation dances through periods of clear reflection+recognition of that side of the coin and periods of complete disregard for its origin. When something in creation clearly reflects this a ground-reversal occurs and that portion of creation reflects that enlightenment was always the status quo and that creation always does this dance. The enlightenment is not an end because it is endless, creation continues as it does because its function is to do as it does relative to the experience of points of observation generated from the field of eternity.

I find awakening to the nature of reality is becoming far more common and ridiculously more accessible than fundamentalists dare consider. I find that with easier access to this as a collective, collective development is also vastly accelerated. This will manifest as that which was said to have taken years or life times to be accessible in months, weeks or even minutes with the right pointers. I found this to be so with pointers to genuine awakening and imagine it to be so with anything else as well.

I've always been a bit of a dreamer, my imagination has been vast, and sometimes I've been quite ungrounded. At the same time a portion of me has always adhered to strict reason and objectivity and I maintain a loosely held model of life drawing from just about every dimension of wisdom teachings available in the modern age founded upon an authentic devotion to the illusion of the spiritual path. I'm excited to see whether what I've expressed here is a sign of more immaturity yet to be recognized and re-integrated or the prelude to the confirmation of my life's work thusfar.

Either way, I'm enjoying the way  <3 :) 



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Hello, Flowfall, and welcome.


Your membership is approved and we're happy you found your way to us. We look forward to accompanying you on some of the way that you still have to go.


Please take the time to read the post pinned at the top of this Welcome page and take a look at the forum Terms and Rules.   This covers all you need to know when getting started.


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes to you,


Fa Xin and the TDB team


Welcome Flowfall,



Very nice intro, thanks for that. I agree that things are more accessible now than have been in the past.  Looking forward to reading more of your posts!



You are welcome to jump right in to the ongoing discussions, revive an older thread, start a new thread of your own, or start a discussion in the "Newcomer Corner" sub-forum to expand on your introduction or ask general questions to help you get started.


May you enjoy your time here.


Fa Xin

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