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Equality a Mask for Envy

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This is a great little video showing how equality and other social justice ideas are just a cynical political ploy.

A truly equal society allows people to be what they are, all forms of "social justice" are simply playing on people's emotions for revenge.

Some things I would add :
1. The means of becoming self-competent are hidden from the masses to ensure their dependence, instead "money" and other "favours" are thrown onto them to ensure they continue being unable to take control of their lives.

2. The rich are now no longer competent of anything.

3. The supermarket is full to the rafters with food of all sorts, it is like Disney land.   

However the food is of extremely low quality.

And it is the same with everything in this society.

Not only are we being driven insane on the rat race, what we get out of it is of extremely low quality.

4. The politicians facilitate all these things, and push people's buttons, because they will absolutely not stand up to powerful forces.

In fact the powerful forces are hidden by politicians deliberately.




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