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TCM, Qigong and Trauma

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I'm interested in how trauma is viewed from the TCM paradigm. I understand that the diagnostic procedures of TCM are very intricate, and reliable at painting a picture of a patients imbalances. I've personally experienced the immense healing power of TCM in treating health conditions. But can TCM address deeply held trauma, and free patients from the neurosis and suffering it brings? Are there Qigong healers that can do so? I have heard some teachers talk about trauma release through Qigong, but for people suffering from severe mental illness, putting in the hours of practice to eventually reach these deep states where such transformation could be possible, is simply not realistic. I am focused on this right now as I have a friend who is in a dire state of mental illness, and seems to be "slipping through the cracks" of the health system, and is also severely lacking in family support. Any responses are much appreciated.. 

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