Should we not conflate the paramārthika (absolute) with the vyavahārika (relative)?

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This is an article written by yours truly, in response to an oft-repeated admonishment about how we should never conflate the Absolute *Nondual* truth with the relative, transactional and dualistic reality. Feel free to post your reactions/comments/thoughts :) 

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"One cannot run away from the world and call oneself “liberated”. True liberation should happen while living in the world. The Daoist masters call the sage “in the world but not of it”. If we cannot maintain our abidance as the Nondual Self amidst the trials and tribulations of samsāra, we cannot be free. So, the world, should be our laboratory, where we become the absolute and “disappear” the relative, over and over again. Not seeking separation and duality, but rather oneness via unconditional love, for every singe being (and even thing) is nothing but our own Self."


Nicely put Dwai ! 

My own studies seem to confirm this, too. :)

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