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shen management with windows 10

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pre-natal qi:


I (as a definitive set of variables)


     > manifest I:a (a subset of myself) , through ___ (birth, transaction of life, conception), in _______ (environment) 

     > manifest I:b (a subset of myself) , through ___ (birth, transaction of life, conception), in _______ (environment) 

     > manifest I:c (a subset of myself) , through ___ (birth, transaction of life, conception), in _______ (environment) 





          ib-------------(  I   )





post natal qi: 

       I:a (a subset of myself) After transaction of birth, in __________

               >carry out functions in ___________


we are at ( I )/pre natal qi, but we are reading this through Ia/post natal



so when you're sitting down, running microcosmic orbit, if you're pushing the same breath up the spine, and down the front of the body, what is sitting inside the body, the prenatal, never gets touched. 


this effectively would mean, I am acting as prenatal qi, watching postnatal qi push itself around in orbit. 


so I can sit and not think, or ignore thoughts, or destroy thoughts, any of these 3, and continue to move the surface layer of energy up the back and down the front. 


every time, these thoughts will stack in the order they are interpreted, showing their meaninglessness


this refines the post natal qi, and also whatever the post natal qi drags into its sphere of attention, and refines this also by default 


but in doing this, the prenatal qi, which is simply watching and even administering to the post natal qi, is untouched by this process. 


so this process must only be valuable to the post natal qi, and amusing at best to the prenatal qi. 


if however, I go inside, to the prenatal qi, I find it is always the same. it is never different than how it was before. it was only the post natal qi that changes. 


so it is both as pointless for the post natal qi to spin and speed itself up, as it is for the post natal qi to return to the prenatal qi


except - when the post natal qi is occupied in spinning itself in mco it creates more of itself


and in the same way, when the post natal qi returns to the prenatal qi, it formats back to it, as it is stronger and better in all ways.


so then, the solution must be to allow the post natal qi to dissipate entirely


not hold or return to the pre natal qi, as this creates a loop, but allow it to move, so to be open from within and pouring out, so that it may spread through the self, and AROUND the post natal qi, and PRESS it back firmer around the core



likewise, it is pointless to send the shen down the front of the head , and it Is much more effective to allow it to stay in the head. 

you might say, if I allow the shen to stay in the head, how will I keep the head cool? 

this is simple. if the shen is not moved from the head, the core will pull in enough of the excess to allow it to settle. 

so it is not the shen that needs to be cleansed and sent down, as the shen is a copy of the core of the dantian.

it is the excess that rose with the shen, that must be pulled back down and compiled. 


the dantian is always the same dantian, so you do not need to send it back down. you need only deliver the dantian to the gate, and allow the lower dantian to pull in and regroup the fuel that brought it up ….


running a continuous loop of cycling jing/chi/shen is going to consumer many resources and work slowly'

jing(10)->chi(9)->shen(8) ;  

jing(9)->chi(8)->shen(7) ;



this is the implied mco ^^^^^^^^^








this is energy efficient .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ likely this will pull some shen down the back of the neck on the exhale. 


this make sense to anyone? 


in tandem with this, pausing the inhale and holding EVERYTHING in place seems to work wonders, 






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I will say this also. 


the problem with having any ego at all is that It is nothing more than made up parameters you impose on yourself. 


even the way in which you cultivate is affected by this. 


if it is done by adherence to a structure you made up, then it will only fulfill that path. (i am this, i am not this. if you think like this, you will breath in this way also.) effective from my pov is the quickest and most powerful reorganization of internal information. 

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