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  1. I'd add also that i was removed from this group after distasteful interactions. I am not defending the man or how his group is ran. It is the techniques themselves which i hold as intriguing.
  2. I actually deeply appreciate the time and thought you put in to your reply. I will be looking into the sources you provided. Thank you.
  3. very advanced energy practice

    he said that he felt like he had a panic attack (welcome to the adrenaline chamber?) and that our 4 minutes was 2 hours to him. and that, he was in complete emptiness. also to note, there were other individuals in the room with us, but he and I had meditated with each other before. I definitely felt his body black out. it was on an inhale that I was holding. when he came up he told me to try breathing while keeping my heart level. I have no idea what this means but I feel like he might've found the diapghram hack.
  4. Right So you're making fun of a Crowleyian inspired goetia/qaballah/astral chatroom with qigong techs for not looking like a traditional Chinese lineage. All 3 of us (including me) look dumb right now. Let him wave his candles around in peace. Now the techs, the part of this that is relevant, some of them are phenomenal, and I have benefited greatly from using them.
  5. the assumption itself is the waste, my friend. that is my point. if it were beneficial for you to take the info he has, then it would not matter what the credentials are, nor would a pay in for access to them. bookstores work this way. you have decided it is not, and this is clearly fine. but, the point is that these 2 issues are separate, as he is not the info he provides.
  6. i simply meant that it is a bad accusation from a logical standpoint. making assumptions is bad. pointless to a waste of time. that being said, i look forward to looking into the forementioned story and pai
  7. very advanced energy practice

    this post just broke my "yin/yang" shell. trying to apply the yin and yang to parts of the body as an afterthought has made me quite confused in the past, leading me to opt towards just using light, qi, and dantian, but viewing the body as a simple manifestation of the yin and yang/ universal mathematics is very intuitive and easy to work with. thank you
  8. very advanced energy practice

    that was really confusing and all i really got was that the data of the light outpaces the display of light, but that is enough for calculated woo/ weird brain processing. like the data package can be delivered and unpack, register, all before it is "rendered." like being several frames ahead(or behind). again, ill have to read this several times. something i got recently during ritual is that sound slows down time/light. feels relevant.
  9. very advanced energy practice

    could you expand on this
  10. very advanced energy practice

    time as an entity is a concept i have been meaning to dive in to as well
  11. very advanced energy practice

    that "flickering/refresh" has given me dmt-esque flashes before. i need to read this a few times to digest, but this is very significant.
  12. he only recently started charging. it was running for 5 years before that and he has other things on the web under different names. im guessing the goal in charging now is to keep registration low. if he took them from a different teacher, then i would very much like to find his source. I have not found anything precisely like it. i have however found comparable techniques on my own (through meditation, vision) after discontinuing use. that's kind of what im saying though. if he took them from what you call a "real" teacher, would you not still want the tech? also, to imply or make that accusation is pretty harsh, considering you have no way to back it up. and if you do, please give, because the techs are nice
  13. very advanced energy practice

    i love that. the idea that anything is finite is very destructive. thank you for the trove of resources, im eager to look into this
  14. I think the issue is you're trying to fit lonemanpai into an eastern context, and it isn't the same. his fault for framing his school that way it's a standalone practice, closer to a western lodge than an eastern lineage. it utilizes eastern techniques and language, but is western in flavour the dude claims to be heavy on enochian ritual magick and has books about it. thus, the information is "channeled-coming from the unconscious." different from being passed down orally. as with anything, the materials are more important than the picture they're framed in, and the utilizable technique is there. i don't get why you're focusing on him as an individual over the materials he has put out. what is the point in that i just feel like its pretty bad to say you can bash him because he bashes someone else. where's the wholesomeness in that