Why should I feel confident in any of my beliefs, given that educated people often disagree with respect to major issues? (Daoist perspective)

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On 19/04/2019 at 10:14 PM, manitou said:



Yes, particularly if one can grasp the concept of wei wu wei., or Doing by Not-Doing.  The order is there already, our ambition gets in there and messes up the order.  This very concept alone will change one's thinking entirely, resulting in an increasingly stress-free life.


I found that reading multiple translations of the DDJ was crucial for my own understanding.  Any translation is only as good as the spiritual level of the person doing the translating.  Best to triangulate one's own understanding out of the hearts of many.


3 TTC translations and 2.5 ZZ translations later, I've realised this.


The common ground between them all becomes less and less, and now, I've probably whittled my own understanding and practice of Taoism to a handful of definitive ideas. That's probably all there was meant to be!

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