Bliss in hands and feet

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57 minutes ago, Everything said:

So funny you have described it spot on. The words you use are perfect. You truely are blessed. It is the lifeforce, aliveness, rejuvination. There are endless words, and you used the perfect most purest most original and authentic of them all. Liquid bliss. To describe the malleable nature of true reality. And aliveness to describe the essence of every single thing that is in creation, has ever been or shall ever will be. 


From a young age people are often (by good willing and well intentioned parents) taught to block their own aliveness of who they truely are, and they thus then disconnect from infinite intelligence. And after a while, the child begins to realise that the problem is death. This illusion causes one chase an exit, which the chase is actually unto itself is the entire prison and the reason for its own motivation. So while trying to solve death, one all the while becomes more dead. Less alife. And then when they die, they become fully alive again. 


Thus when you meditate, it is like consciously falling asleep. Which is similar to what the death experience is. Always FULL BLOWN CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. FULL ALIFENESS. NON-PHYSICAL FLOW SOURCE OF ALL CREATION. VIBRANT FIERY PASSIONATE POWERFUL ALIFENESS. ENERGY THAT CREATES WORLDS. EXCITEMENT. REJUVINATION. EVER REFRESHENING. FRESH! EVER NEW! EVER NOW AND EVER MORE AND EVER EXANDING! AND FREE AND FREE TO MOVE AND BE! AND ACT IN SPIRIT INSPIRED! That motion of all life AND ALL OF CREATION. Of all and infinite freedom. The hand of god. The eternal journey. Of bliss, rapturous extacy and evermore and more and more and more than all that will ever be known by us evermore. 


It is so liquid so loving. So free. So playful. So wise. So powerful. It is like a dao miaow. I'm at loss for words that's why! :lol:


We often feel like that when we appreciate the animals of our world. That alifeness it is why they are here. To always show us all the ways of being alife. Of becoming truth. Of flowing with the intention of God. Of infinite intelligence. Of being true freedom. And true naturalness. True innocence and true purist and true perfection and true alignment. It is nature. It is all that exists. And it flows through you all of the time. It is the energy of who you truely are. It flows through the path of least resistance at all times. For the benefit of you and everyone. This energy is everywhere, and when you meditate you let it in and you let it flow. You release all resistance towards it, and it naturally flows for you again. You do nothing and you leave nothing undone. You become part of all of creation again. Your life becomes like a surfer on a powerful tsunami, amidst endless billion of powerful tsunami's of well being. Gushing forth, expanding vibrant liquid joy of passions. It is the nature of all creation. You are here to flow this energy more fully to your object of attention and express it in anyway you so wish or want. There is unwavering success for you here. All that you can ever possibly choose for yourself is for the benefit of all, because you live, just for the joy of it. 

You can't do anything wrong, and you didn't come here to get it done. And so, since you are eternal. Enjoy. 

I like you

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