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  1. Post-Industrial, post-crash, Taoist village.

    back to basics very minor solar powered electrical conveniences Edible Forest Gardening and traditional craft and preservation techniques by day familial/communal music time and home distilled spirits by night
  2. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    I think this is why virtue is such a strong barometer. You can only fake it for so long.
  3. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Saw that reply coming the second my fingers touched the keys. haha =) To answer your question succinctly - "NO" Though you kind of talked on my point
  4. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    I've read this forum almost every day for like 8 years. I've seen a lot. I don't say much. Here's my honest take. It was only a matter of time before spotless caught the karmic blowback of his method of sharing. None of the highly skilled teachers I've met and trained with would be in this type of situation. Mainly because they don't make a show, but also because they don't compete. Yet I know from personal experience the frustrations of trying to share with people who aren't ready or willing to hear. People tend to go to great lengths not to hear. Jesus for example. And after all the training and sacrifices and suffering necessary to cultivate to a high degree, I don't fault teachers who have little patience for "explaining themselves". Perhaps a forum like this is just not an appropriate place for the profoundly attained. yet ideas of high and low are to be abandoned ultimately so... Attempting to be ever desire-less we plod along. Also it really has appeared to me that Earl-Grey tends to behave like a self appointed sherif. Little too attached to the competition and drama of it all. But you know. No big whoop.
  5. This can't be answered, and you'd benefit more from practicing with an authentic teacher than perseverating on this kind of ideation. "I've never tasted peaches, what will a peach taste like" You taste it and then you know. Only the Peach we're actually discussing here gets sweeter with every bite =)
  6. A spiritual insight into covid

  7. The Midnight Gospel

    Yeah, I was tickled specifically by the Polly Shore guest voicing and his character's animation development/behavior. What a ride.
  8. The Midnight Gospel

    Wife and I quite enjoy it! It's fun.
  9. This Gary Clyman Video. Any Thoughts People?

    Feng had a very profound level of skill according to his students. I've been lucky enough to meet and train with a few. Virtue and Power BOTH. I studied full time under a longmen priest who was also a disciple of Feng Zhigeng. Multiple times I've trained with (and chauffeured ha!) the above Chen Xiang. I've never met but 2-4 people who could do what they could. When asking my teacher how many people they've met at the level I'm describing, "maybe 5" was the answer. People with profound skill don't act like the person in the first video. Within the fist few minutes you can see him delight in the pain he's inflicting.
  10. You know, you can't actually engineer the shifts that take place as you cultivate. They just happen with correct and diligent practice. One day, you might notice the qi after a vital and whole food meal absorbs into the body and makes you feel quite nice. The hot pockets give you a near instant hangover. There is no force in this realization and no law written in stone concerning how you eat afterwords. Yet over time, with correct and diligent practice, Shift happens. You will just find yourself reaching for the whole nutritious foods because you are in tune. With sexual thinking/activity it's similar. Pay attention next time you first catch yourself having a sexual thought. Feel what happens in your body. Slight tingle in the groin, slight adjustment in the breathing, etc. This is like you just scrambled an egg. The hormones were released and their down the line effects (ending in sexual release) all got energized and primed. This is why people say celibacy ACTUALLY starts in the mind. If you've already scrambled the eggs (sexual thinking and the following hormonal chain of events) and you try to stop the process (forced semen retention through unnatural physical processes or willpower) you're -very frankly- doing it wrong and are likely to end up injuring yourself. Though with correct and diligent practice over time you'll notice those hormonal shifts don't happen on autopilot in the same way they used to, You don't indulge thought patterns and lifestyles that exacerbate sexual desires, and you come into harmony with what is actually a healthy and natural bodily function vs a societally exploited hormonal mechanism. I hope you find a teacher you can trust and blessings on your path!
  11. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    As interesting and worthy of discussion as I find it, that "incel / pickup artist / misogynistic" culture tends to ferment right alongside "alt-right" lines... I don't come to this site to read such trash. And I'm certainly not here to entertain it, which is all you and people like this want from their efforts. You might feel attacked, but I wish you the best on your journey. You're going on my ignore list (which if anyone hasn't used, I highly recommend!) for my own sake. =)
  12. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    The words I read are "...all committed right-wing members of the forum to leave." Not "hush hush" Bye Bye
  13. An opinion or observation of madness

    Another one for the ignore list. Sincere thanks for showing your colors! I've seen enough of these stuck types for now.
  14. How/why does qigong work?

    I love the ignore list feature of this forum.