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  1. Evidnece for the super natural

    "you mad" + "if you want a cookie, you won't get it throwing a temper tantrum"
  2. Evidnece for the super natural

    "claim that your own ideas for the measures and observance of said subject are the only valid ones" These threads are like watching people go through the stages of grief. Usually stagnating around the first 3. Many of us understand the frustration of realizing there might be more to life than you have otherwise been lead to believe. That empathy is the door for a conversation for which you could be the main beneficiary.
  3. ya crew run run run ya crew run run
  4. TDB as an organism

    I'm not sure if TDB is anymore here than there.
  5. Musical Bums

    Currently listening to this. Great synesthetic music. Primordial sound forms.
  6. Would you mind to take a moment and explain to me your thoughts and/or experiences in regards to the concept or "irredeemable Karma"? I've experienced Karma in a number of ways. Indeed we all have =) but I see encountering different sticky patterns and density of qi, and the higher propensities for encountering events that produce said Qi's has a type of Karmic element to it. People have mentioned the string of pearls up the central channel and similarly to that I've seen a string going forward in time and seen futures live unravel. Resonances with people, places, times, events. But never anything about Irredeemable karma. Have any of your Daoist teachers expounded on the topic to you?
  7. The example I've found which succinctly expresses the exceptionally subtle (in relation to the dense) way "they" manipulate the "heard" has television shows and their stories as the delivery mechanism. For example, for all the shows i've seen on TV and movies since being a kid NOT ONE of them EVER had as a part of the story a group of employees taking their workplace from their employer. We got always a distaste for our bosses/job, hell we got supernatural Betelgeuse and Rambo and Fox and the Hound and I could go on and on... A buffet really. Yet still, a workforce takeover... never once. I'm not encyclopedic on the matter but I think the point stands. And that shapes how people view their world in a way it's hard to even talk about due to it being so extremely taken for granted. Because when I use this point people usually feel a dissonance of "It's an impossible feat / yet who hasn't fantasized about democratically electing their supervisors" And people accept all types of impossible feats in the movies so that's not the reason they have never seen it. its never usually a lighting flash command to do x y or z! It's contextual manipulation. though cases like sharpie's subliminal stab during the 2011 OWS can certainly be overt-
  8. I agree. I remember checking back in on some "conspiracy" web sites from my younger years and being discouraged that they had ALL become Alt-right echo chambers. I remember thinking to myself that that seemed like quite a conspiracy in itself.
  9. I try to explain to people about how we've entered a kind of "Post-Truth" Era, and what the consequences of that might mean. Maybe there is potential for this to be a very good thing. No more "Reality" to pin us down. Yet the consequences appear to me non-trivial -as a species- should we refuse to rise to the occasion. How grateful I am to have been shown what it means to abide and the virtue granted thereby.
  10. Self action in deed and in word! 8 years of Daoist study and practice with a Longmen and HunYuan lineage. Designs on a food forested homestead (once finances allow) while currently experimenting with things like Fermenting - kraut, kimchi, kombucha, Ginger bugs, You name it! Minimalist living - I only own 2 shirts 2 pants- 'Home Making' - Toothpaste, Deodorant, Noodles, Bread, House Cleaner Pivoted from typical destructive employment models. Yet, I empathize with the plight of Humanity. I can see a world where people are in the same predicament as those plants. It feels lonely at times being surrounded by (insert whatever you like to call ordinary people) when you can see beyond and it's nice to know that I'm not alone (at least to some degree) in this view. And then when I think I need to change the world or wake people up I remember Because I do nothing, nothing is left undone. Who could understand this?
  11. This resonates with me. I feel deeply disturbed seeing endless monoculture fields. It give me the creeps on a level I struggle to find the words for often. All the usual anti big AG talking points are there for sure, but there is something else which haunts me frequently and I always struggle to relate it. Desolation, Hopelessness, a sea of static before my eyes. You're above statement brings it to light for me. "They" are trying to do us like they've done those plants. Some version of this I've known and been trying to articulate to friends and family for some time. People really don't want to and wont see it as deeply as I feel I am trying to express to them when we do talk about it. I look around and share that I see what looks to be a Tyson-esque farm for semi-clever hairless monkeys (or modern society). And it's all "yeah, yeah, gov is bad" platitudes. But you can look right at those fields and ... It's already happened to some beings. That's what's haunting me about those fields! And why are no one else's alarm bells ringing? Or I'll consider sometimes your ordinary person in the midwest. Raised up on the sugary corporate tit and television, Spending their entire life laboring for the benefit of that same Beast and then going on this way until death. Entertaining themselves with the shallowest (in their best light) of trivialities, never to consider for even the briefest of seconds the entire and total usurpation of their Life and mind by... Well... Whatever or whoever it is that's harvesting us. It's good to know that at least there are others who see this or some semblance at least.
  12. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Who'd'a thunk it. Having sex is a very intimate thing. No matter how you cut it. Pun intended.
  13. Post-Industrial, post-crash, Taoist village.

    Don't forget to take into account climate models for the coming decades as that could really swing the choice of location. I wish I was more of a scholar, as I would put all this relevant data together in a digital format. But, I mostly feel and improvise my way through life. Heck, It's taking every thing I got right now to just remain centered in all this societal fray. Banana clip... or Banana tree... Banana clip... or Banana tree... Banana clip... or Banana tree... I need more Genuine Taoist Allies.
  14. Post-Industrial, post-crash, Taoist village.

    back to basics very minor solar powered electrical conveniences Edible Forest Gardening and traditional craft and preservation techniques by day familial/communal music time and home distilled spirits by night
  15. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    I think this is why virtue is such a strong barometer. You can only fake it for so long.