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  1. Bliss in hands and feet

    That's a tricky question. And I talk to much as it is.
  2. Bliss in hands and feet

    Thank you for sharing. Great experiments and many things to perceive. I wonder about the correlation between what's called "internal strength" (In my experience and in this reference, a increasingly powerful hydraulic like manifestation in the limbs) and sensations that you and freeform are talking about?
  3. Bliss in hands and feet

    I really appreciate your encouraging words. Thanks By "find the middle points for energy sensation" I'm curious what you mean by "Middle" ?
  4. Bliss in hands and feet

    Do you suppose there is significant difference between post and pre-heaven energies and their practice with regards to what you're saying?
  5. Bliss in hands and feet

    How do you mean "practicing that energy"?
  6. Bliss in hands and feet

    "blissful electrical love" sounds about right, thought I don't know that I'm "doing" anything but the most slight awareness movement. and I've noticed when I shift mentally and subtly to begin the act of sensing it, Then say I put my awareness into my elbow, It feels as though this blissful sensation flows past into the end of whatever limb. If I keep my awareness in the abdomen, it flows into the end of EVERY limb and results in increased (as in more intense than the already present full body sensation) of "blissful electrical love" at the hands and feet. Most of what I've been taught centers around non-doing. But this is a new and consistent phenomena so I'm very curious about it's significance as a signpost. I also like to talk here more anonymously as so as not disturb my fellow classmates. Thanks.
  7. Bliss in hands and feet

    yes I do have the feeling of something under the skin, though I would say it's like a flowing liquid bliss or an aliveness.
  8. Requesting feedback on some new development in my practice. I feel a little embarrassed about the timeline, but after seven years or so of consistent practice I'm noticing a very consistent and distinct/intense feeling of bliss all the way to my hands and feet. Especially in my hands and feel but throughout the entire body also. I assume this is good =) Looking for any guidance or insights by those who've traveled further along the path. Is there a name for this? What further signposts might indicate advancement? Etc. Thanks.
  9. Similarities among religions

    decent?... I don't know. dissent perhaps? descent? Hopefully not =)
  10. Similarities among religions

    If Wandelaar's statements were resounding capital ""T" Truth" they wouldn't need to have such a confrontational posture, it would just be obvious. People like that feel entitled and cheated that others might have experience/perceptions that they don't. It's a common mistake of the clever and a damn sticky trap if you're not careful. Why not put in the effort to ascend the celestial ladder and see for yourself what there is to see? I say this out of compassion for the people who might be misled (as I once was) by posturing such as the Wandelaar's. The pesky thing about "philosophical Daoism" is it isn't actually Daoism.
  11. Ha! You never know what they are going to do. The self reflection brought about by my teacher (which I'm fully working on) seems correct. In regards to the friend it's interesting. The health concerns conjured thoughts about what someone else in this thread already said. The intention behind the gift. True Intention (whatever that really means) seems to be important to be aware of. Inner & Outer Thanks.
  12. Gospel of Thomas

    This one makes me do a double take. Makes me question the esoteric reasons Jesus sacrificed himself. I remember reading in some random place of peoples ideas about humanity "getting lost" in this layer of reality or something to that effect. @Jeff do you have any thoughts on what I'm relaying here?
  13. I pay rent and tuition for classes/retreats when I go.