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Bushmen Healing Secrets

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OK so according to this 1999 Indiana University Press book, Tricksters and Trancers: Bushmen Religion -- the source of the boiling heat for healing (bliss, tummo) called N/UM is from the "young maidens" while the healing trance of the males called !KIA, is considered equivalent to the "staying power" of the males orgasmic energy.,M1


See pages 174 and 184 -- around there.


So anyway that's EXACTLY what I experience when sitting in full-lotus -- nice to have rediscovered the dominant human culture from 10,000 BCE to 80,000 BCE -- despite it's oh so controversial nature in today's society. haha.


While in full-lotus, "I" shoot out the yang bliss-light through the third eye (yang energy) while sucking in the yin electrochemical energy from females.

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