I found out that body equipment is garbage.

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Dan tiens, chakras, dream state, and the like are equipment manufactured at a corporation underground.  Black hoods

don't use these items for their superpowers. Black hoods require 32 consecutive good years for entrance.

Black hoods have to always maintain the 32 years. A person will lose their standing if they get a violation.


Most of the people that I have seen that have chakras and dantiens don't look too healthy and are low on muscle mass.

Dream state takes 40% away from the mental faculties. The black background that a person sees when they close their

eyes is dream state. Dream state is a device that keeps half the brain asleep. A person without dream state sees the

veins on their eyelids when they close their eyes. People who put the dream state device on another person get violations.

Dream state is not a route to enlightenment or liberation. Clear light indicates a heart problem.


On edit: the third eye is also garbage.

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