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Golden array.
Easy, effortless.
Pure and powerful and always present.
Super blessed.
Super lucky.

When the stars shines bright.

When the only thing you know is succes.

When there is a golden array that is at the heart of every motion.

When YOU are super lucky.

When YOU are super blessed.

When there is perfection in what you see.

When life is easy and effortless.

When you are happy and when you feel happy.

When you know of all the good things that have always been happening and are happening.

When you can't help but express your love towards the person you are with, because you feel too happy.

When you can't stop smiling, cause you feel too good.

When you cry tears of joy, because you feel so deserving.

When everything is perfect.

When you are feeling one with the divine that is the Source of all creation.

When you have no disagreement with who you really are.

When you are fully allowing yourself to be who you truely are. 

When everything is working in perfect harmony with one another.

When everything is clicking into perfect synchronisation for you and for the perfection of your own blessed life experience and all who are of it.

When everything flows effortlessly.

When you feel the power which creates worlds. 

When you feel the well-being that is the abbounding essence of all things.

When your awareness shines through the veil of appearance and reveals the beautiful and magnificent essence of all things.

When you are together with allot of people and celebrate EVERY SINGLE SECOND of life.

When you feel like an inflated balloon that is about to discover the true fluid and effortless nature of reality.

When all the good things in life can't help but constantly find their way into your experience.

When you want to kiss your coffee cup, because  you are made out of the same substance of love.

When you feel safe, when you feel content.

When you feel like where you are is the perfect place for you to be in the moment.

When you feel like people are fun and exciting and interesting.

When you feel like you're meeting the person in front you for the first time EVER. 

When you feel blessed by the constant flow of constant new and never before had experiences, that you have always been experiencing the furthest most advanced experience in all of creation. 

When you feel like where you are is always and forevermore always the culmination of the best of all that has ever been before it all combined together into an experience for sole purpose of your satisfaction and experience of that which is even better than all that has ever been combined together into a new and even better expression of the here and now, forever more, and for the sole purpose of your very own unique and individual personal satisfaction and fulfillment in life, of life and as life.

When you appreciate the small things as well as the big things.

When you share an experience of appreciation.

When everything you do is beautiful.

When you can't help but feel humbled by the powerful radiance of the beauty that you are constantly being with and as.

When you can't help but feel appreciation for the simplicity and perfection of life and easy and effortless nature of creation.

When you can't help but see the best of every single one human being, at all times, in endless experiences after another, in your allowing of its evermore and ever greater becoming.

When you can't help but see the value of all the people around you.

When you can't help but feel an infinitely worthy aspect of infinite creation and that you belong perfectly in the midst of all of it.


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