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External World : Social Person : Real Self: God

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What can you feel inside you ?   What do people feel ?   What do people have access to within them ?


Initially a person feels the external world of society.   
And also,  he doesn't walk around in society "nakedly", he has a role in that external world, a sort of character, and self-image, habits, and so on.   It is like a social-person he can be and then when he walks around in society he can fit in to the gears and cogs of the outer world.   So he feels the external world of society and also feels his social-person-image that fits in with it.    He is social-person-image.


But what else can he feel ?   

Well here is where "spirituality" begins.   Whether a person can go beyond depends on that person.


Can he feel him-self within, his Real Self.   Meaning can he feel that underneath the social-person-image is a Real Being who stands alone, who can take off the cloak ?   Is there a Real Me inside there ?   Or is there only the social-person-image ?


And can he feel God ?   God-Consciousness, God-Love, or God-Tao ?   God meaning the origin-truth that  can be felt through different channels developed through different traditions.   Through one channel or all channels.   Can you feel God ?


If you are a social-person-image and God is introduced to you, say God-love from Christianity, then you may begin to feel Real Me inside as a consequence.   So you are going :

social-person-image > God-love > Real Me


Although in other cases it might be possible to feel Real Me without connecting to God first.




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