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How Egyptian alchemy is tied to Daoist alchemy via music harmonics and Precession of the Equinoxes

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Enjoy - I have relied on "cut and paste" of a pdf - so I can not reproduce on this website since it does not allow cut and paste from Pdfs (although it used to)....


I will give you this hint though - Neidan expert Pregadio states that the "hub" of Daoist alchemy as the Emptiness that does not move is based on the New Moon enabling lining  up the Solar and Lunar energy via the calendars. The New Moon is also the oldest spiritual training of humans - the Eland Bull ritual - at a female's first menstruation when the N/om energy of a human is considered the strongest.


So at first I dismissed this claim of Pregadio since the Solar and Lunar calendars can not be lined up precisely due to chaos with Earth - it's a three body system. But just as Music harmonics also has a "Comma" due to the noncommutative phase logic - 2 does not go into 3 - and this is also the secret of Daoist alchemy - so too did the Egyptians consider the ratio 2/3 to be sacred (it could not be reduced as a fraction in Egypt). 2/3 is yang as the Perfect Fifth but it is also the subharmonic as the Lunar energy in Daoist alchemy.


So you will have to read my blog post to see how this mystery is solved via D.M. Murdock's classic tome, "Christ in Egypt"





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