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How did Derren Brown do that?

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Watch the clip and then see how it's done below:




NOTE: I didn't work this out as I gathered this information from the Youtube comments and it sounds about right.


Darren asked Amanda to think of a number there and then - at the bottom of the stairs. Why? Why not before she even got to the theater? Because after she thought of the number she was invited on stage and asked first "You have that number in your head? The footage of her replying has been edited out so Derren has got the number and now his stage hands, who also now know the number select a bent deck of cards relating to the card at position 43 of the deck in the envelope. 


Blue deck, the deck brought out with the table, is mostly 4 of hearts cards - Red deck has all the positions mapped. So there would be 52 bent decks and the one relating to the card at whatever position, 4 of hearts in this case, is what's brought out with the table. 


yep... there was only about 10 cards or so visible. Then he is "do this with your finger" and he goes just past to those 10 cards. Rest of the deck was full of 4 of hearts.



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