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Why Am I Not Grace Kelly ?

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Just watching an interview with the very beautiful and lovely Grace Kelly.  I am sure every young woman would have dreamt of being her, a princess, and young men dream of being the biggest oak tree in the forest.


Why am I not .... that ?


Well I think it's like when you start a new job and you feel very uncertain about what you are doing, you check yourself, doubt yourself, compare yourself.   But later when you get into the idea then you just do the job and feel good, go home with money in your pocket and eat well and sleep well.


So it's the same thing for us.   What is our job ?  To be who God made us.   We don't quite feel who we are, we are new in this job and get pushed around by society that tries to find a place for us .... when we do find out who we are, we feel ourselves inside, and can unfold ourselves.   Then we don't have to worry about anything.  We have been made, somehow, and that is our job to be that one.



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