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Whatever preexisted all creation, if anything did, cannot be apprehended or portrayed by the senses. Whether something beyond our ken preceded everything is a matter of opinion or theory or faith. It is impossible to explain how existing things may have come from a state of non-existence. It appears to our limited minds that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Yet reality greatly exceeds the limits of mind.


If the search for the origins of the material world are difficult, we are equally dismayed when we seek to understand how things proceed, interact, and change through time. We cannot easily think of change and time in the abstract. We have difficulty enough recognizing the constant change that affects objects-people commonly act as if the world around them and the people they know are the same from one day to the next.


Knowing, understanding and achieving-if done in the way which works fastest, easiest, and best-require nearly no effort at all.


How does the universe act? It fills what is empty. The way to knowledge is to empty your mind of knowledge. If you do not know -- if you let go of what fills your mind now -- the natural pattern of the universe will automatically fill you with natural knowledge.


When we lose opinions, beliefs, and partial knowledge of the specks and fragments from our brief lives and limited memories, all the wisdom which comes from being empty and open to the universe is available to us. When we do not know what others have taught us or what we have come to believe on our own, our genetic memories and the wordless reality around and beyond us may easily penetrate into our open and empty mind. We learn as we did as infants, when we learned at an amazing rate.


To understand, we must let go of our confidence in our understanding. As soon as we accept that we do not understand, our ability to understand-our capacity and power to see and accept and act in harmony with reality-is greatly increased.


So, too, with activity. If we wish to achieve without great effort, we need to begin by doing much less. Our activity-our constant busyness, running about ceaselessly, trying to do many things-prevents us from achieving what might be done with very little effort.


To do what works best -- quickly and easily achieving all that can be achieved, we need first to stop doing all we are doing. We are too busy to do what will achieve results easily. To achieve more we must begin by doing much less. Then the natural laws will fill this inactivity with activity more natural and productive to us.


Letting go of knowledge, understanding, power, activity -- creating an empty space -- is the first step toward freedom, opportunity, wisdom and achievement.


When we have cleared our minds of cluttered thoughts, beliefs and opinions, when we stop focusing all our energies on trivia, we can become more aware of the entire universe. Then we may begin to realize the source of all that exists and underlies the constantly changing universe. The ability to be aware of the underlying essence -- the heart of the universe and time together -- is the greatest wisdom. We discover the universal laws -- the way all things exist and change -- by seeing what is common to all that exists and to all the changes that occur.


When we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by bits of data, we are misled into taking what appear to be shortcuts. This is the path of many people, so it is a crowded road. We bump and jostle each other through alleys that someone or something has suggested will get us to our destination more quickly.


The direct route is invisible. The empty road doesn't exist. We can't find it by looking, by studying the past, by asking others, orvby reviewing what we learned in school. The more we know, the more data we absorb and process, the more easily we are misled. Our efforts lead us into blind alleys that look like shortcuts to happiness, success, peace, and a good life.


With an empty mind we can become open to the two extremes of reality which are most valuable to our learning. We can become aware of the totality -- the entire universe through all time -- and we can become aware of ourselves. Knowing yourself and knowing the totality of time and space is a combined knowledge far greater than can be accumulated in the form of bits and pieces of data, the distinctions of words, or the opinions of others or yourself.



the deepest place on earth is "within"...


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Beautiful Jessica..I dig it.


Sort of in line with my present focus. The way Bodri explains it when you empty out you tap into Indras Net and this sort of infenent intelligence. I'll keep track of my experiences with this aspect in my culitivation journal.



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