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HeartCentric Breathing Group

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As indicated on the Path of the Light (Practices) topic, I'm starting this topic as a fork in that discussion.

This topic is for those who would like to learn this practice and to have the support of a non-hierarchical online videoconferencing practice group that will meet weekly for a 20 minute practice session and discussion. The total length of the meeting will be limited to 40 minutes and there will be no requirement to take part in any discussion.

Attendance will be based upon the premise that members will also practice 3 times per day for 5 minutes between these weekly sessions.

If you would like an invitation to this group, please PM me an anonymous email address.

If you have any questions or comments, they are welcome either publicly (here) or privately via anonymous email.






Please note well that if you choose to join this practice group your online anonymity and privacy will be maintained by not pointing your video camera at your face. We will also be using our keyboards for written communication rather than communicating via our microphones.

We have found that by using videoconferencing in this way, we can closely approximate the experience of being part of one of our real world meeting groups. ☮️


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Meetings times are Saturdays.


Los Angeles 07:00
Edmonton 08:00
New York 10:00
Montréal 10:00
Reykjavik 14:00
London 15:00
Paris 16:00
Berlin 16:00
Johannesburg 16:00
Athens 17:00
Ankara 17:00
Moscow 17:00
Mumbai 19:30
Perth 22:00
Singapore 22:00
Tokyo 23:00
Sydney 24:00


Doors open 5 minute prior and close promptly at the scheduled starting time, which will be signalled by a bell.

There will be 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for any (written) discussion if required but there's no requirement to stay. Please do not leave the meeting before 20 minutes after the scheduled starting time, as this can be disruptive for any other beginners who may be present.

The meeting will be disconnected at 35 minutes past the hour and a bell will be sounded 5 minutes prior.

If there's no written discussion, many people enjoy continuing to sit together in silence until the conclusion of the meeting.



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