Really Cool discussion on Enlightened master in Himalayas

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I don't remember where I ran into this but its cool and seemingly unique information (at least to me and at least if you believe the OP). It seems authentic to me and I like it a lot so I thought I'd share it here to help any friends I could.  Here's the original thread on the forum and the breakdown I did of it in Word.  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread999026/pg1


"I just got back from a 1.5 month trek thru India, visiting various holy sites, solitude, intuition, practice, and trying to get to what a friend told me was a fully enlightened Buddha who was teaching at the foothills of the Himalayas, and I found him, here's what he had to say:

Quite simple. He said no matter the path, it boils down to the 3 Dan Tien’s. The 3 energetic gateways to Consciousness, Truth, Enlightenment.

Upper Dan Tien is Pure Subjectivity, but also simultaneously Pure Consciousness. There is both a center point or the pure light of cognition/attention, but also it is a spacious field and is what creates the halo of light around the head you see in pictures of Saints. Think Buddha, Christ, Various Sikh Masters, etc.

Middle Dan Tien is the Source of Conscious, the Soul, the Portal for the head-based Consciousness to reach its Source, like a drop of water entering the Ocean, an Ocean of Infinite Light, Infinite Bliss, the Multi-Faceted Diamond, the Inner Spark of Life, existence, Consciousness. The Zero point of Non-duality it is the centerless center. At this point as well, is the Light of Consciousness which begins to flood and change the body. Eventually one reaches the Light Body via a flooding of and living off this light of consciousness.

Lower Dan Tian is the point at the very bottom of the breath, when you breath deep, it is the small crack between the end of exhalation, the beginning of inhalation. This point is the Source of Vitality, the Source of Beingness, the Unborn Emptiness prior to all things including Consciousness. The void the precedes everything and anything. It is the point where Buddha reached Enlightenment, where emptiness is form, and form is emptiness.

Eventually The upper DT merges with the middle, the middle then merges with the lower, and all 3 become one.

Additionally, kundalini occurs eventually in the path, opens all channels & chakras. He spoke of the Solar Plexus Chakra which when opened, unlocks the rib cage and unlocks breathing. He spoke of an unlocking of the Lower Dan Tian where breathing becomes alive and deepens naturally and becomes extremely slow, all on its own, sometime leading to extremely long periods of no breathing at all for days.

He also said something very interesting. Speaking of the hundreds of thousands of tiny meridians like channels that flow through the body, all become unblocked with stagnant life force, to be replaced by emptiness, consciousness, and light of consciousness, a process he had undergone and now had access to attainment of rainbow body, but saw in his karma he needed to teach a bit before "leaving that way." Even so, he only sees a few people a week and is very much hidden, saying that only those who are supposed to find him by sheer grace and luck are the one's he speaks with.

Other interesting things he said were that the conscious mind and subconscious mind where directly linked to the middle Dan Tian & Source of Consciousness. So those who use mantra and attention, are getting to middle DT via the channel that the subconscious arises through upon waking in the morning, and falls away to when falling asleep at night.

He also said he has the ability for him as pure consciousness to leave the body at will and see/visit heaven and hell realms of various sorts as well as who is and isn't awakened to a high degree, because you can see their light of Consciousness shining from space and affecting the reality around them like a rock thrown in a pond making waves. Surprisingly, he mentioned the Eastern Orthodox Monks of Christianity as being highly developed and many who are also fully Enlightened. So too are Sufi masters, a large number of Yogi's around the world, some Sikhs, and Masters of various Paths including some new agers who use a conglomerate of techniques to penetrate into the inner mysteries.

He said entering middle Dan Tian via mantra/attention, feeling your way into there, was the front door, whereas activating the upper Dan Tian and then surrendering so it drops down the spine into Middle Dan Tian was the back door. That surrender with minute level of will was the absolute master key, however that to find the channel where Consciousness can return to its source at the front of the spine was something akin to entering a huge completely dark warehouse and trying to feel your way around with your hands in order to locate a single strand of a spider's web. Only that the warehouse was the size of your head, and there are ways to turn on the lights, breathing exercises that can be done to activate the spine, and a number of other things.

 I got a transmission from him and it was like everything began to open up. The "strand" he spoke of, I can clearly feel just at the front of the spine and felt exactly how it linked from the center of subjectivity, to middle Dan Tian, to Lower Dan Tian. It was the most amazing thing ever to get this transmission. I could see this guy completely covered in light, like his whole body was a halo. And from a distance, I can see clearly his field of energy was massive, like a giant warehouse of energy around him, it looked like the mirage you see in the street on a hot summer's day.

The transmission he said he had to do lightly and just enough for you to get a hint of where everything is at because you have to do the rest of the work yourself and plus a few transmissions he did, he literally blew fuses in people and they needed weeks/months to recover, so he doesn't know yet how to greatly control his transmissions other to then give very subtle ones.

He's very reluctant to teach. I found him through word of mouth from a friend who is in India on a year- long pilgrimage, who has access to an area of the Himalayas where there are caves with Masters meditating in them, being brought food & water by an ancient order/organization of people from small villages who have been donating to those seeking Enlightenment in the caves for over a thousand years now. Some refuse to see or teach people. Others have asked to be completely shored up in the caves with rocks/bricks and not to be brought food or water anymore, only to emerge a decade or two later still alive and full Enlightened.

I only saw this one guy, but my buddy who is there for a year now, said the others he met, he's received transmission from just from being around them, like third eye permanently open, kundalini activation, heart flowering open & the complete disappearance of the I-Self reference structure.

The guy I saw, it took a good three weeks of me being there in the crappiest conditions ever to make it work. It was sort of like a test. My rooms had no heat, thin blankets, food was scarce and sometimes there was no dinner to be had, roaches, him never showing up because the trek he had to make was completely covered in so much fog you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. My guide who was taking me to the meeting place there fell ill. The guy who replaced him got us lost twice. I finally gave up at the end of week three and booked a driver to take me back out of the deep mountains. And it was that day that the original guide came and said we can go and try one last time. And so I saw him once, and it has changed me forever.

 I was already figuring this all out experientially myself via a vast number of mystical experiences via mystical Christianity and a dropping away of the ego and into source of conscious via a zen koan and some Advaita study that says there is no you. So he confirmed my signature thread, but said that I need to add the lower Dan Tien which is access to Pure Being/Isness/Emptiness/Unmanifested/Unborn/Vitality.

There are a few people spouting the "there is no you," seer, seen, and seeing are one", "drop the seeking and that is you," crowd and asked him about this. He said that while it is a legitimate path, it only takes you so far. There is still work in spring cleaning to do of dropping the remaining mental/subconscious dross & remnants, as well as kundalini, assisting the chakra openings, the meridian channels to open and become free flowing & unblocked, and surrender was one of the most vital tools to breakthrough into Being/Lower Dan Tian. We both agreed that what happens is the neo-Advaita crowd gets to a certain "non-dual state", and that is it for them, being under a false and illusory impression that they are at the end of the road and there is no more to do. But it’s so much more to it and staying at non-dual is a trap.

The correct Enlightenment is Nondual, Dual, Both & None, Kundalini, all chakras open, all meridians transformed, all emotions and thoughts silence & returned to their source so they never arise, and access to leaving the body at will, all being permanent and the deepening and changes of all these things never ends.

Why would a Buddhist on the Indian side of the Himalayas be using Taoist terminology?

He wasn't traditional by any means. Mentioned the need to be a rebel & non-conformist on the path in order to break-through and see through dogma & blocks. He was using yoga, advaita, Taoism, Buddhism, various mystical texts, meditations in caves, basically a conglomerate of paths and wasn't from there. Was only there now because that's where one of his teachers lived before him and that area is conducive to being left alone to practice while still being supplied food/water.

In my notes according to his description it’s more like this:

Upper Dan Tian = Pure Awareness, the Light of Cognition, pure subjectivity, but also spacious consciousness that with the light of cognition make up the head halo eventually. According to him, the "observer" was a very limited and miniscule aspect of all of this and was more so like an extension of pure cognition. What you want to find is prior to even the Observer.

Middle Dan Tian - Center of the Heart, The Soul, the source of thought, subconscious, source of awareness, portal into nondual oneness, God consciousness, it is prior to Awareness, to any observer to all head- based consciousness and it is its source. It is the Gateway to God/Soul/Union/Oneness.

Lower Dan Tian - The very bottom of the breath when you breathe deeply into the belly, at the junction where exhalation ends, and inhalation begins. This is a portal to pure Isness, Emptiness, Beingness, Source of Life, Vitality, Source of existence. It is Absolute and prior to anything and everything. Nothing can trump this. It is like the foundation stone for all of existence and it is prior to the Nondual state that all the nondualists dogmatically preach is the end all.

I did not name the teacher. Do you need his name? It was something like "I have no name" in Vedic interestingly enough.

It’s funny how you are dividing everything into a kind of dogmatic do not mix purist fashion. He was really big on non-conformity and rebellion, saying the times he spent at Buddhist monastery was very stagnated. Whereas on his own and in the company of a number of teachers, he flew like an eagle. However, he is claiming the same as Buddha's enlightenment, saying the portal to reach it is in the lower Dan Tian. Quite simple.

The guy is well guarded, filtered, obscured and I think so far only about 20+ have accessed him, which he likes due to some remaining reluctance and fate matters.

I wanted to mention, he said quite of the few others he's seen were 20-35 year vipassana, Mahayana, and various other branch practitioners who were so absolutely stagnated on the path, that it was sad for him to see so much time wasted. He was really big in honoring time, as it is like gold, whatever you have here you have to make the most of it. So, he was saying how they wasted decades and if anything got to a somewhat intermediate level of concentration or observer detached from mind, but that's about it.

The dogma, attachment to unquestioned purity, watering down and not being able to argue, debate, question has created like this watered-down death as he called it. And the whole "I have been in X Path for 40 years with these X transmissions" meant completely nothing to him. I answered with my own awakenings and how many years of practice and he would always just ask, "...and what is your current permanent state now?"





Everything from the notes is included in the OP, via a condensed description. I've since found links that describe in more detail all the stuff this fellow was discussing, and it'd more relevant to post those than my notes.

Here you go:

These two here have a lot of the details that the Cave Dweller from my OP was discussing, these links having TONS more details then my notes:

The central channel that I experienced opening up upon getting a transmission from him, is also spoken of in those links above, and here is also a new age site that speaks of this central channel:

Here's a Tai Chi site discussing the central channel with the dan tians:

Also I have a buddy who reached a very deep and permanent state of Enlightenment (though it is just one aspect of many) via a method known as Mahasi Style Noting. I asked the cave dweller about this, and he said it is a legitimate technique to access Enlightenment. So this thread still holds its weight:
Enlightenment in 15-30 days, an EXTREMELY fast method. Mahasi Style Noting

Perhaps 1 thing I left off which he mentioned, was the importance of lengthy time in practice via solitude, retreats, or just setting up your life perhaps with a part time job, or save enough, where you can take lengthy time off to really go into deep and disciplined practice.

On the meditationexpert.com/, something I found that the author posts there, which is similar to what the Cave Dweller, as I call him, were adamant about, was about cultivation of deep emptiness meditation as far as detachment from body and mind as not you. This really seems to speed up the process and help open all the meridians/chakras as well. All the links explain it all better then I could based on my notes."

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Just to clear I’m quoting this guys post directly, these are not my words but his.  However I’m glad u dig them as much as I did 😀. 

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"...and what is your current permanent state now?"

:lol:  I do enjoy tales of rebels


(but this bears repeating)

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On 7/18/2018 at 3:01 PM, yugenphoenix said:

all emotions and thoughts silence & returned to their source so they never arise


Seems pretty boring.


Even the buddha said they arise, its just that you dont cling to them. Maybe this was misinterpreted?

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