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5 Animals Qigong : With Transitions : And Screams

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Every morning I am on the seafront at 5 - 6am doing Michael Winn's 5 Animals / Micro cosmic orbit / Macro cosmic orbit.

Recently I made 2 major innovations to the practice, the first is transitions.
I practice say 27 movements of Water, and then 9 movements of Water/Wood transition which is a movement I made combining the beginning of a Water movement with the end of a Wood movement.Ā 
And so on.
Water is facing North, Water/Wood is facing North-East.
I use the same colour as Water (midnight blue) and the same sound Choo, as it is Water's transition.
The particular movement for Water/Wood is like this : first half is the scooping water wheel, one hand resting on the kidneys, other hand scooping in front, but as that hand rises up I turn and continue with the Wood movement of deer looking towards his tail - these are traditional movements so maybe that means something to somebody !
This morning I could see how as the water rises and turns into waves, it is actually changing state from the mysterious circulation of winter, it is becoming more active and rising up into the crests of waves, (normally it falls back) ... but with this movement the crests of the waves continue rising into the branching pushing and entering of the Wood energy.
It's very good correspondence.
And likewise for all the elements and transitions.
And this has been A1 for my practice and life because the transitions are often where the problems are, a difficulty turning Wood into Fire for instance, those are the blocks.
It has turned the practice into an even pulsing wheel of life, it brings great joy now.
I always practice the pure element (like Water)Ā  two or three times more than the transitions (like Water/Wood) to keep the element strong and pure.

Second innovation is as you breathe out you can visualise dirty green smoke coming out (for Wood), but I also just open my mouth and let go of whatever comes ... the Shhh sound often turns into a sort of gutteralĀ moaning / wailing / screaming.Ā  Ā Makes a big noise, hence I practice on some scrubground in the early hours away from people.
Over time I am catharting a lot of material from traumatic pain, and it gets smoother, initially I was hesitant and resistant to the noise but now I scream as a baby screams full blooded and with no shame, the pipes get clearer and clearer.
I had been doing some bioenergetics and things like that, but now it's encorporated in the 5 Animals.

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