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Zhong Kui, Patron Saint of Chinese Wude Comics

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Normally when folks think of a Patron Saint for Chinese boxers they think of General Kuan Gong but actually here in Taiwan a fair number of martial artists choose as their patron saint a deity named Zhong Kui, who is the Imperial Demon Catcher and a fairly popular Daoist deity here in Taiwan. For example this comic book series, which is put out by a Singapore Chinese publishing house (AsiaPac Books) and illustrated by a Chinese-Malaysian guy named Chan Kok Sing, is super popular here in Taiwan.



Zhong Kui is admired by Chinese martial artists for his fighting skill but also for his wude, martial virtue and the fact that he has the fearless courage to enter hell and subdue all the demons!


In any event, I thought it might be of some amusement. I should mention that I have in my home an alter specifically set up for Lord Zhong Kui who I view as the Saint Michael of Daoism. I also have a St. Michael medallion---my theory of religion is that there really is one religion that manifest in many cultural settings, a person is either religious or not, what specific clothing their religion wears is of no importance to me.


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