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Daoist Martial Puppets

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Here in Taiwan we are getting ready for the New Years holiday and I sat down this morning and watched a bit of a movie with budaixi (布袋戲) (i.e. hand puppets). The one I was watching was kind of the most famous international one called Legend of the Sacred Stone. I guess it has got some international fame and exposure. The official website for it is:


I mention this on a Daoist forum because a lot of the budaixi themes and characters come from Daoist practices and Daoist martial arts; albeit in a very fictional sense. The budaixi themes are part of a broader stream in Chinese culture known as the wuxia; which are martial chivalry stories.


In any event the movie is amusing and certainly exciting. I guess there is a version with english subtitles. Here is the Wikipedia blurb on the film.


So there is a wild Daoist puppet movie for your amusement.


Take care,


This is a picture of me and my wife Elizabeth playing chess over the weekend.



Just kidding, it is a still from the budaixi move. The guy facing you is White Lotus, if I remember right.

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