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  1. Of Buddhists and Taoists

    Can you put Buddha to bed? Can you pack him a little lunch and send him on his way? Can you say Buddha what Buddha? Is there any other truth besides the guru and his consort?
  2. I'Am currently trying to repair myself from excessive semen loss,I can't believe how drained I feel.Ahh the joyful sacrafices we as men make. So I consulted the I ching as to guidance in rapid repair and got hex34 vigour Through my hazey and muddled thinking I came to the conculsion that I need to do some serious tree gong. So I will be returning to my 66 metre high pine tree friend, who is convienently located in my back yard and ask her kindly to help replace that which was also given away freely.
  3. max

  4. max

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,MAN I wish I hadn't watch that.
  5. Dealing with Your Demons

    Be a warrior,don't indulge in such shit,look it straight in the fucking eye and see it for what it is.
  6. I have become a martian

    Always,always,always,always remember and never forget, just like everyone else your gonna die one day. Even martians have to say goodbye.
  7. Calling ascended beings.

    Luohan is like a laser straight to the point. Oh and the hairs on the back of your neck never lie
  8. Sexual Energy and Creativity

    Great post Vaj.Thanks for sharing.Me thinks the single most important element of the instruction (if there can be such a thing) "Without a totally open,empathetic and responsive relationship, the yogi will fail."This is the true core of the alchemy of opposites.
  9. Sexual Energy and Creativity

    Well all I can say,as a Man who loves Women.Never underestimate the sublime feminine essence.In my humble oppinion it is the true door to the creative and strong sexual energy is the key that unlocks the door. The basis of all alchemy is the blending of yin and yang. There can be no life,no bliss, no creativity without this intercourse of complementry opposites.
  10. see the devine in others and yourself treat the devine with respect and resist the need to be right
  11. Drugs! Turn on, tune in, drop out...

    Thats one of the funniest things I have read in ages thanks
  12. Beliefs and Intent

    Nature,immune as to a sacrifice of straw dogs, Faces the decay of its fruits. A sound person,immune as to a sacrifice of straw dogs, Faces the passing of human generations. The universe,like a bellows, is always emptying,always full; The more it yields,the more it holds. Men come to their wits end arguing about it And had better meet it at the marrow. Dao De Jing 5 Perhaps this is the hardest for us as humans to do, to look at life with its with all it unreasonableness,its suffering and injustice.To look right at it and remain immune as the Sage sugests. Facing the decay of its fruit,meeting it at the marrow.
  13. Sometimes we can get so caught up in ourselves that it becomes destructive. The surest antidote to your problem is servitude. There is no end to people and animals that can be of benifit to the energies of someone who is fit. As you know there is a time to help ourselves and there is a time to help others.
  14. What's the 'point' of Nothingness?

    Thats a great post Stig.You have a wonderful command of language. This is what I like in particular about the five element theory. The process of going and returning is alluded to in such a fashion, where one can see how ones views disrupt ones health and longevity. The realisation that contained in expansion is contraction and in contraction there is expansion,is above all very liberating. That going and coming are held together simutaneously, is wonderful indeed.
  15. Vegetarian diet and body building / hard training

    Yeah totally understand what you are saying Gary and I feel like I'am in the same situation as you.Hate the idea that some other creature had to suffer so I can maintain myself. Seriously tried to maintain a veg diet but like I mentioned before just couldn't sustain me. If you find something that works for you while doing some hard and contious physical labour please let me know.