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Rocky Lionmouth

Myers-Briggs, I-Jing, M-Hei, taoist personality tests...

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So i was recently introduced to a form o psychomancy that is the MBTI testing and the various classifications that it predicts and advocates. I know there is a five element person/physiology analysis method and i’ve come to understand that the basic fives can also have intermingling between them, bringing a total of (my speculation here so salts aplenty) 10 permutations of person analysis.


As far as astrology is concerned it gives a four(?) variable chart counting the year, it’s element, the hour of birth and so on.


But what caught me was the surprising accuracy of the statements about the group the test told me i was in, found there were even words and concepts for stuff i have done since time innumerable that others have incredible difficulty understanding.


I’m still ready to dismiss it in a healthy and salty way but it’s gotten my attention.


anybody see a connection Myers-Briggs and other taoist person analysis practices/systems?


I’m just curious about you guyses thoughts if you’ve had any about it and if nobody bites we can trash this presto, never mind.

I’m just fermenting something in my skull (haha) and idk what it is yet.

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