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From the Adamantine Songs of Saraha

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If you wish to engage in the path of desire,
the ever-present object,
Do not perceive inner or outer, self or other.
To understand this in itself, it has been presented as natural liberation.
Although in the truth body the three kayas are inseperable,
If you practice, distinct results arise.


Oh!  When you realize their inseparability, 
wrong views are quickly destroyed
If you understand the unborn emptiness
as indivisible and the point of contact,
the forest and leaves have no basis.
Dualistic compassion, which is not understanding contact,
Is a cause for pollution, 
leading one to undergo the experience of samsara


Emptiness and compassion are inseparable and devoid of arising
Whoever is free from hope and fear of nirvana and samsara,
not finding body and mind, rests naturally in non-thought.
Suchness is not found by the intellect; it is self-arising.


- Saraha



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