Book Review: Medicine Beyond by PhD Keith Scott-Mumby

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Hard to follow much of the content, like walking into an esoteric bookstore full of things. Some you have heard of, some are new.

The book is a compilation of the new dimensions of biology and healing "beyond everyday laws of physics".

I certainly don't agree with much of the results he comes to, or his theories. The facts behind what he is saying are interesting.

It is considered a reference manual, so snippets of data without background and without enough data to conclude anything. Some of it is being used in energy and light healing practices. An example of that would be "The Catalyst of Power" by Ph.D Jon Whale. Where he uses crystals and gems backed with light frequencies to treat conditions. 

I asked Professor Whale some questions via Email, he does answer basic stuff, and he sells the equipment with training. He did not know about chirp waves and whether or not they are produced by his equipment. But I see that light therapy and low-level electromagnetics are healing many things. So there is some merit to that area of new medicine, which is not actually so new. It is just getting better technology these days.

I have not compiled any questions yet for Professor Scott-Mumby. Anyone who has looked into the book(s) please let me know what your thoughts are, and what you might ask either of these professors, given the opportunity.


Thanks, Stay fluid

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