Beauty of Kunlun

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I just wanted to express my appreciation for this wonderful and easy method. I works so powerful on me and it really gives me a perfect tool to get in contact with myselve and it opens doors in such a fast way that i didnt think I would be able to open so soon.

I express my thanks to Max and to Mantra to help to promote this technique to the world.

Some people where arguing about money. There are better ways to make money than just teaching one technique (in the end 3 but the one is already enough for a while I guess ...) and then you are more or less your own master. Even without transmission (which I will be doing when Max comes to Europe) my results are stunning.

I had orgasmic feelings lately during the practice that in this way I had never experienced. A lot of moving, shaking, wild laughter, throwing the body forth and back and so on. Sometimes this stuff is a bit strange but after the sessions I feel very released.

I try to do celebacy as much as possible. My girlfriend lives in another country and we see each other in periods of 6 weeks. For myselve I would make the 100 days but with a girlfriend it is harder. Maybe the 6 or 7 weeks are better than nothing.

I practice 1 to 2 hours a day. Furthermore I study and teach Martial Arts and practice a Qi Gong style that (I feel) does not interfere with Kunlun. The opposite happens. I feel my Qi Gong training intensified. I would even stop it for a while but there are reasons that i cannot. Still that would be a question to ask to Max or Mantra if that mixing could be "dangerous".

I trust in my experience with lots of methods and my feeling is better than ever since. I feel like I am riding out of darkness. My last year has not been so "good". Somebody close to me died and made me more conscious that this is something we will all face sometime.

In November I started to increase my amount of Qi Gong training a lot. I cut off a bit of all the Mixed Martial Arts training I am doing. I realized once again that all the goals I achieved in competitions helped me to become much more disciplined/loose some limitations that I had BUT did not still the thurst of my longing. I wanted again start from the beginning. I was in monastaries before, travelled to shamans and kept in contact with a lot of good people. Now I wanted to concentrate even more on finding my own truth.

I went to India and practiced 2 to 5 hours a day. I wrote down all my experiences. On christmas I forgot of my doughts regarding Kunlun and added it to my practice (because of some things I already stated. I am a bit allergic to websites with things like "short way to enlightenment" and so on. But now I can a bit more understand that Kunlun - at least for me - really shortened some things for me already.). I am very happy that I did start with Kunlun.

The kind of energy in Kunlun reminds me of dynamic meditations. Still for me it is much easier to get into the magnetic energy. So easy and yet so powerful. Today I had to smile in the city so often. It is hard to say but I feel more happy inside. And considering that this is just the start I am looking forward to all the layers that will still come (may it good or "bad").


I hope that we in this forum can work more closely together. There is no better way. This is just a projection of the mind. If someone is happy with his system and shines I shall be happy together with him/her.

There are so many experienced people in this forum. There are so many good ways!


I already got so many good inputs from all of you. So also to you: thanks!


Love and peace,



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