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I'm writing a book about my knowledge on the Western arts. Even if I don't publish, it can be an exercise to  organize and crystallize my thoughts. Tell me what you think about it. Critique please.




There is no clean way to begin; especially when you are discussing a topic so complex and messy as life. I guess the easiest way to start is on a tiny piece of it - me. I am a human, my species is Homo Sapien Sapiens and I was born into the world just as a transition of technology was changing the way society works. Welcome to the 21st century, an era of human history where technologies such as internet are revolutionizing the way the human species lives. 


Change, especially in nature is considered slow - the theory of evolution says that 1) random mutation occurs and 2) the enviroment selects which phenotypes or the part of your genetics that is expressed. Over time, a trend occurs and a species is defined by selected traits that provide the greatest fitness.


I sometimes feel that our progress is now exceeding that of nature's. Our bodies are not yet adapted to concrete jungles, to strange work schedules, to the food we are fed. Our minds have not yet cuaght up with the complexity of knowledge today. Our minds are stuck for the most part, in the stone age. We follow the grunts of our elders, until we mature enough to grunt ourself, and then we seek to have the power they used to have over us. Western Society as a whole is stuck in Agricultural Ages, where all we want is to be the privileged Magistrates and Nobles.


This is the world I was born into. With our body of knowedge is now growing so fast and we understand more and more about the world, many people seek refuge in religion or "scienc-ism" (not true science), or the grunts of their elders to find their purpose in life. Some models of society alienate certain components so that few can stand on top - and the reality of those below are carefully engineered by those on top. One obvious, example of this is the body shape of women, where they are sold an image of slim is attractive and women must fit this ideal in order to be loved or desired or their life will end - when we could see clearly that in the past that non-slim body shapes were also considered attractive. This model is perpetuated so that those on top can sell these suckers beauty products and make a profit. In conclusion, this fear of alienization created by an ideal of attractiveness and defines the life of those who let other people tell them how they should see reality and live. 


All around you are messages of how you should live your life. Join X religion. Use X product. Do X. Do not do Y. In society, its grow up. Get a job. Find a mate and create children then die. The revolution the world is undergoing has a negative aspect in that all this shit, impurity is passed on from person to person. In my eyes, it is a sickness. Im not down to follow this script. I don't like others telling me how I should live. I want to define reality. Push back harder on the world, that pushes its values onto me (KNOWLEDGE). I am me, and this is my journey (COURAGE). For purpose, for understanding (WILL). To quiet the impure, unending beliefs in my loved ones (SILENCE). To control the bubble of reality me an my love ones exist in and strive towards the mystery, the unknown ending. Aum Ha!


In the lowest points of my life, I stumbled onto the wisdom of the ancients, the Scientia De Magia, the power of magic. When the first spell I cast worked - in a fit of immaturity, I did a hoodoo spell to freeze a teacher's passion for teaching and patience when I couldnt get out of that teacher's class in high school. The next day, she blew up on a student and was suspended from school for 2 weeks when before, she would elude all punishment that complaints netted her. She then announced her retirement and never bothered me again. Looking back, perhaps I should have creatively made her do her own job instead of destructively forcing her off. But this moment, was the tipping point for me. Whether by coincidence or luck, whether I was insane or not, this was the start of my journey into the Western Esoteric arts. Maybe I'm insane, but arent we all? Im functional, and am studying in a top college majoring in Biochemistry and can probably convince the person diagnosing me to be not insane. Join me in my exploration down the rabbit hole - and let's explore the wonder of magic as technology used by humans across the myriad ages. Let your mind enter the age of discovery.


This is the path of the magus - angel to some, demon to others.

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