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Quite a few times I have searched for a topic that I only vaguely remember the name of - or I really remember it well but might have a letter off or some tid bit missing. 

Currently when i type in a topic name it does not offer anything unless it is EXACTLY as spelled:


Example - if you search something that includes an "s" on the end of a word for plural and you do not include the "s" then the search will result in zero.


I recently searched for 

Qi Gong masters sharing their views of Meridians    -   and found nothing

I made the "mistake" of spelling Qi Gong different from the EXACT spelling of the author which was Qigong.


It would be nice to have a better search function for our topics - something that looks for a bit more than exact wording.


As always - in gratitude for the amazing work it takes and has taken to create this in each moment - !


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