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Healing Metta Meditation for Corruption

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There has be en an upsurge into Social Justice this past year.

On a level with you.  Blame and pointing fingers never solves anything spiritually, as one author once said:

We only change our reality ourselves the more we are aware of it.


So, I have taken a brief respite from my Meme war against evil, to help spread this powerful Metta meditation to stop this type of corruption.

When we give power to others or use vehicles like Social Justice, it just like addictions or other sins of the spirit fall under the breaking of The Karmic laws regarding Freedom.  Abuse of Karmic freedom is when we violate other peoples Karmic ties or debts by using vehicles like Social Justice.  We end up accruing these debts ourselves.  So, the solution tends to cover two major factors:


1.  To stop breaking the Law of Karmic Freedom, we need to develop self-discipline and righteous action. Many texts have been rewritten or destroyed but the leftovers are still left in numerology:


2.  To solve the blunder of Social Justice a higher, more spiritual method must be used to cleanse the issue.  In spirit, justice only exists in ourselves.  So, to clear away the old ideas, we must turn to a more viable solution... Metta.


So, any time to you take if it is 15 minutes or an hour will be effective in clearing out these old ideas in the world.  By doing so, you are not subject to breaking any Karmic laws as long as it is from a righteous, self-disciplined perspective.  It is very powerful.  Lets try to help empower the world to change this now before Karmic debts get out of hand:



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