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I like getting into Live Chats with members here. It can be hit or miss though. I find the best way is to see who is online, then do a New Topic post of 'I'm heading Online come join me'. Then I'll go to Live Chat and wait 5 or 10 minutes. I find that works 50% of the time.


I just saw your post and went to see if you were still online. I see you're not. Getting people onto Live Chat can be frustrating, but the rewards of communicating live with several people all over the states and/or world is great experience. There is a nice sense of comraderie and chance to learn new things.


I've had people like MatthewQi lead a few Live Chatters with a guided meditation. I've been able to coordinate practitices and herbal stuff with others on Live Chat that would be too slow and cumbersome going message to message.


I'd love to see more Live Chatting done around here. Its fun.





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