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Voice of the Lost Child

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In part, Focusing Emptiness is about the decisions we make, and specifically, the way our defenses can influence these decisions, often affecting the direction our life takes. Think about being in an abusive relationship, for instance, or maybe being in a job you hate and which seems out of character for you. Then you ask yourself how you got where you are. Maybe if you are old enough, like me, you can look back and see a pattern in your decisions, and wonder now how you could have possibly made them. 

"Voice of the Lost Child"   Written by my first Chinese martial arts teacher.  


Sometimes I find myself moving in ways I don't quite understand at the time, but upon reflection seem to arise from the past. lives, experiences, interactions.  I  found freedom in the understanding that with out nothing to defend there are no "defenses" and no need for "offenses"  this has been and is part of my own journey to emptiness.  


Thought others might enjoy reading about a fellow traveler's, journey.

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