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SI 12 to SOL 12/MI 12 sexual energy sublimation

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The Eastern european idea of sublimating energy is the major difference between this view and the methods employed in Dao/Tantra. Bringing sexuality into one's consciousness, without that energy having been first sublimated/transmuted into the Divine Soul, will generate impure energy.


In this view, sexuality is not used to energize oneself, but rather as a holy gift, which can connect us to the divine femininity (for a man) and to the divine masculinity (for a woman) living in one's heart.


Tadagi Mudra (the origin of Uddhiyana Bandha), Virya Mudra (the highest form of sexual sublimation for the Vamacari Yogis), the Macrocosmic orbit can only move the lower part/form of sexual energy; to activate the higher components one needs the higher virtues.


Surely, the higher virtues developed/created will mean higher energy for the other lower auric bodies.


From Gnosis, volume II (all three volumes can be found in pdf format on the internet), B. Mouravieff explains how sexual energy, the ens virtutis (to distinguish it from ens seminis), SI 12 in Gurdjieff's terminology, has to be transmuted/sublimated into SOL 12, higher virtues. Also, this energy has to be further refined into MI 12, superintuition, geniality, and of course, even further, reaching Hydrogen 6 and even 3, the gift of prophecy.



As it enters the emotional centre the energy SI-12 accelerates its vibrations, and this enables it to transform this sexual energy into SOL-12, following a momentary intervention by the higher emotional centre.

Let us now see what happens in the motor sectors of the emotional centre following this abundant production of fine, pure energy SI-12.


It reacts quite differently from the intellectual centre. We must remember that in the exterior man the emotional centre does not work with the Hydrogen 12 which should normally nourish it, but with the Hydrogen 24 proper to the motor centre. The overflow of the energy SI-12 into the motor sectors of the emotional centre provokes a strong resonance in the other sectors of this centre – a resonance which can produce the two following phenomena:


– the intellectual sectors of the emotional centre engage in a lovegame led by the intellectual centre in harmony with the motor centre; the heart is then flooded by an influx of tenderness which is of an incomparably higher level than that to which it is used when it is only nourished with energy 24; if the call of the energy SI-12 coming from the motor sectors of the emotional centre is sufficiently intense and pure, a momentary flash of the consciousness of the real ‘I’ may be felt. This is produced in the following manner: the influx of tenderness due to the energy SI- 12 opens up communication with the higher emotional centre, from where a wave of energy SOL-12 from the higher octave flows to meet the SI-12 with which the motor sectors of the lower emotional centre are infused. Then, by induction, the energy SI-12 is subject to transmutation and can become SOL-12. When this happens, the organism receives an abundant influx of new energy. Even if only for a few moments, the couple taste this higher Divine condition which is Beatitude, a taste which leaves a feeling of relaxation and ineffable peace in its wake.


This sudden revelation of the androgynous consciousness is marvellous. It in no way resembles anything that the poor human intellect can imagine, nor anything that the motor centre can imitate, although the latter tries to create something similar by usurping an abundant quantity of energy SI- 12 from the sexual centre. The androgynous consciousness is established following the inflow of the energy SOL-12 which spontaneously floods the human heart. This energy, which comes from the higher emotional centre, has an effect that is totally unknown to even the most refined human Personality, with its 987 little I’s, as long as it is only moved by the three lower centres.


This energy is intended to fill the interval between MI 48, the energy of active thought, and FA 24, the energy of attention, which are both practically exhausted every day. This means that adamic man can never accumulate a sufficient reserve of the energy SOL 12 to pass spontaneously to LA 6 following the linear steps of the transmutation of Hydrogens. The epicyclic movement between the three groups of organs takes place in the order 8-5-7, that is, SOL 12- MI 48-FA 24. Obviously, with this chronic deficiency of SOL 12, this movement does not bring any substantial aid. Yet the epicydic action of SOL 12 is necessary to activate the third gamut of nutrition, that of impressions. By communicating a complementary impulse to MT 48 and FA 24, SOL I 2 creates the conditions necessary for a man to pass to the practice of constatation of his own impressions-an indispensable condition for DO 48 to begin to act. The transmutation of the Hydrogens can then begin: from DO 48 it passes without difficulty to RE 24, then from RE 24 to MI 12; once there, it stops before the interval that sepatates MI 12 from FA 6. We have already seen how this stage in the transmutation of Hydrogens can become active through the practice of courtly Love on the Fifth Way.


It follows that the disciple who wishes to connect his higher centres with his waking consciousness must possess a vigorous and healthy organism, and must be in conditions where he can obtain the best food and air to breathe, and will be nourished with abundant impressions of good quality. Besides this, he must produce in his organism a sufficient quantity of Hydrogen 12 and Hydrogen 6 – one being of a different shade” from the other. We must underline the fact rhat we can never obtain this result in a natural way; it is necessary to make sustained and conscious efforts oriented towards:


At the time of his Second Birth, man acquires a permanent consciousness of his real ‘I’, which is a monad of the Absolute 11. He reaches this through his higher emotional centre. Strong in this consciousness, he becomes capable on the one hand of progressively creating a link with

his higher intellectual centre, which gives him access to the mind of Christ, the consciousness of the Absolute I, and on another hand, of establishing his authority over the motor centre. Then the lower emotional centre, which has already been absorbed by the magnetic centre, but without losing its individual structure, takes its place within the higher emotional centre.

Thus man 5, thanks to the permanent consciousness of his real I, benefits from a double current of Love -the Love from the Absolute II, to which the Love from the Absolute I is graduaIly added, and which pervades him through his higher centres.


We have seen that the energy SI 12, diverted from its usual destination and surrounded by the SOL 12 and MI 12 acting as higher auxiliaries, formed the essential factor in the general transmutation.


A victory over negative emotion brings an inflow of joy into the lower emotional centre. This joy is an expression of the abundance of the energy SI-12 released by constatation. This latter makes the lower emotional centre vibrate at the rapid rhythm that is normal to it, and this enables the establishment of instantaneous contact with the higher emotional centre and triggers the release of a current of energy SOL-12 from the latter. This indicates that, correctly practised through introspection and effective within the limits of the individual Present, constatation enables man to win a total victory. The inflow of higher joy that the current of energy SOL-12 liberates can then transmute the energy SI-12 freed from the mixture into SOL-12 by induction. The duration of the contact between the lower and higher emotional centres established by this can then be prolonged.


It is the energy SI-12 stored up by the motor centre which mixes with the energy of one or more passions-which have the heavier density of 24-to give birth to negative emotions. Afterwards, in this mixed state, it penetrates the motor sectors of the two other centres and makes them vibrate. The emotional centre then vibrates in a violent way. The same mixture of energies gives the intellectual centre an inventive but always calculating orientation, rendering it cunning and capable of all kinds of lies.    (Gurdjieff's octaves)






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"There are many people, groups, Yoga schools, and spiritual movements that talk about awakening Kundalini, and they teach many different types of techniques and practices; they talk about Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga , and they talk about different kinds of Meditation and mantras and all kinds of practices that you can do to awaken your Kundalini. None of them work if you ignore the Divine Mother. That is why so many people have gone into these groups full of faith, full of hope, full of enthusiasm and tried and tried and tried, and leave disappointed, because they never work with the Divine Mother inside of themselves. They are attempting to force the Divine Mother to do something that she will not do unless we deserve it. In other words, to convert her power in us, which is now static, into kinetic energy, we have to earn that. You can repeat a mantra 100,000,000,000 times, and you will not awaken that energy if she does not want it awakened in you, because that energy IS Her, it is the universal Mother particularized into our individual Divine Mother, latent and waiting in us. You cannot outsmart the Soul of God, the Divine Femininity, and everyone thinks they can. People believe if you pay $500 to a certain school, and they teach you these secret techniques, and you do this and that, they will promise you that will awaken your Kundalini in two weeks or six months. They are lying, because they only want your money, or power over you, or they want to be famous, or whatever it is they want.

The Divine Mother rewards her true disciples.


She awakens the one who deserves it, and she awakens us through her energy made kinetic in us; that energy rises up the spinal column and awakens us.

Kundalini, the active energy of the Divine Mother, can only be awakened by a very precise application of knowledge. It cannot awakened accidentally. There are other kinds of energy that can awaken accidentally, because there are many energies in the body. There are many tools and devices in the body that scientists and doctors have no clue about. Those can be activated, just through cause and effect. But, Kundalini is the intelligence of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother does not make mistakes. The Divine Mother is the very power and energy of God, which only acts through the will of God, never through an accident, never by being tricked, never because of money, but only because of Karma: cause and effect."


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Now, an answer can be provided to the question: what are the red and white bindu drops? (Gizeh pyramid chakras)


Yuan qi - fire within water - sound within stillness/silence - interplay between the king's chamber and the queen's chamber


The original configuration of the Gizeh pyramid included many pairs of stones.


"Going up the Ascending Passage, Ninurta reached its junction with the imposing Grand Gallery and a Horizontal Passage. Ninurta followed the Horizontal Passage first, reaching a large chamber with a corbelled roof. Called "vulva" in the Ninharsag poem, this chamber’s axis lay exactly on the east-west center line of the pyramid. Its emission ("an outpouring which is like a lion whom no one dares attack") came from a stone fitted into a niche that was hollowed out in the east wall. It was the SHAM ("Destiny") Stone. Emitting a red radiance which Ninurta "saw in the darkness," it was the pulsating heart of the pyramid. But it was anathema to Ninurta, for during the battle, when he was aloft, this stone’s "strong power" was used " to grab to kill me, with a tracking which kills to seize me." He ordered it "pulled out... be taken apart... and to obliteration be destroyed."


Ninurta’s priority was the uppermost Grand Chamber and its pulsating stone.... he reached the Antichamber of unique design...."There three portcullises - "the bolt, the bar and the lock" of the Sumerian poem - elaborately fitted into grooves in the walls and floor, hermetically sealed off the uppermost Grand Chamber: "to foe it is not opened...." But now, by pulling some cords, the portcullises were raised, and Ninurta passed through.

"He was now in the pyramid’s most restricted ("sacred") chamber, from which the guiding "Net" (radar?) was "spread out" to "survey Heaven and Earth...." It responded to vibrations with bell-like resonance. The heart of the guidance unit was the GUG Stone ("Direction Determining").... Ninurta ordered this stone destroyed: "Then, by the fate-determining Ninurta, on that day was the Gug stone from its hollow taken out and smashed."

Finally there was the Apex Stone of the Pyramid, the UL ("High As The Sky") Stone: "Let the mother’s offspring see it no more," he ordered. And, as the stone was sent crashing down, "let everyone distance himself," he shouted. The "Stones," which were "anathema" to Ninurta, were no more.



Destiny stone inside the queen's chamber: fire within water


Direction stone inside the king's chamber: red bindu/true dan tien behind the navel


If a quark has the dimensions of 10^-18 m, and a subquark 10^-21 m, then a boson will measure 10^-30 m or even less, which means the red/white bindus have a diameter of somewhere in the vicinity of 10^-35 m or even less than that.


Red bindu - female force, cavity of vitality, imagination, blood, king chamber, sound/ether


White bindu - male force, cavity of the spirit, emotion, seminal liquid, queen chamber, stillness/silence/shadow/aether


The apexes of the two pyramids, which meet in the heart in the form of a merkabah, are also made up of the same substances: a smaller red drop in the shape of a tetrahedron which rotates together with a white drop/shadow also in the shape of a tetrahedron. In the center we find the spirit, which provides the energy for the rotation of the two apexes, through the shape of two swastikas (acoustic turbines) which are at the base of each tetrahedron.


So, the red and white bindus are two supernatural substances which provide energy and consciousness to the human body/aura: imagination and emotion.



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On monatomic gold


Alchemy is the transformation of matter using the philosopher's stone (fifth element).

Philosopher's stone = laevorotatory subquarks (ordinary atoms become baryons)


Mercury to gold chemistry experiments:


Gold can also be transformed into mercury.


The fifth element, ether, can be applied using ball lightning devices.


Contrary to popular belief, Soma is the name of the Shadow Moon (not the visible Moon, but the heavenly body which does cause the lunar eclipse).

Soma is total silence (shadow), stillness (known as akasha in the vedic literature) - sound cannot propagate without this Soma - it is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the imagination which could be activated by emotions (purity of soma), the power to create.

Soma + Sound = Fire-water


In the human body, the philosopher's stone is located in the heart (the atom nous) - alchemy  is the soul which transforms matter into spirit, aided by the power of the divine femininity.


As Ormus is created through an ancient alchemical process, elements, in their high-spin, quantum or m-state, are manifest. These m-state elements in Ormus are trans-dimensional in nature and behavior. 

Chemically, ORMUS is supposed to be precious metals (gold, platinum, iridium, etc.) in an exotic state of matter, where the metals do not form any bonds or crystals but exist as separate single atoms. 

The ORMUS elements differ in a fundamental way from their "ordinary" metallic counterparts. In a sense they can be considered to be parallel to the metallic elements on the periodic table. What differentiates this form of matter from "ordinary" matter is that the ORMUS elements are in a high spin state. This means that the atoms are spinning more rapidly than ordinary atoms. 

Superconductivity is a property of certain substances which are in a special quantum state (BEC). A BEC is a large group of atoms which behave as a single atom due to their being in a common state. In the case of the ORMUS elements, their superconducting nature creates an energy field around each atom. This energy field is called a Meissner field. A Meissner field resonance couples individual ORME atoms to the point where many atoms can act like a single atom. This resonance coupling between ORME atoms allows you to perform a sort of shadow chemistry on them.

It appears that there are varying degrees of ORMEishness. An ORME diatom can have all of its electrons paired up or it can have only a portion of its electrons paired up. If you have an ORME diatom which is partially paired this will leave some electrons available for conventional electron bonding with other elements. This ORME diatom will then have one foot in the ORMUS world and one foot in the metal world. You can use these partial ORMEs to manipulate the full ORMEs chemically.

The Ormus state is reached when a normal atom (the groups of 18 tachyons) is transformed into groups of 9 tachyons (baryons).

Most scientists think that hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table - not by a long shot.

One of Tesla's best friends, Walter Russell, tried to systematize the various elements made up of baryons, mesons, and quarks, and even named them.

Here is Walter Russell's ether-matter periodic table:



google search: monoatomic gold ormus dangers side effects

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