Wu Xing and their corresponding personality traits

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Inspired by the recent thread I decided to try building a soul mirror once again, this time using the Chinese 5 elements as categories.
I'm doing this because It's really good to somehow categorize the good and bad traits, so you know which side of you in general needs work the most.


Chinese elements seem to have one additional option as opposed to FB's 'ether' element which is really no-option. I'm hoping that Chinese literature will offer a lot of specific information.


I'm going to post here different sources that explain which element is corresponding to a  given element.

If anybum has a cool article or a book recommendation, please share. Those who have done soul mirror exercise: ideas are welcome!

So far I've found this:


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Almost as a reply to my urgent need to do things perfectly I received:

"With the astral work, your only tool is your awareness.

I mean that literally. You are not to rely upon any body else’s opinion, interpretation, reaction, teaching, attitude, etc. This is about you evaluating you based solely and exclusively upon how you feel about your self. This means throw away all those published lists of character traits, especially those written by Bardon in IIH, and simply observe how you feel about each aspect of your character. Not what you think about your traits, but what you feel in the immediate present moment without thinking.''

So I guess, never mind! But still I will probably be checking things out and looking for my faults in external sources, because it'd take forever to compile a genuine list based on what is happening now in the course of two weeks or three.
Just the other day I was going through a list of 650 traits and to most of the negative ones I could remember a situation or at least imagine it.

This is from Rawn Clark's commentary on Initiation into Hermetics.

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