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Some questions on Falun Gong

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A friend heard about Falun Gong and started practicing based on the material available at She has been doing it for a while now, has experienced clear health benefits but has now heard of some warnings against the system. I have not heard/read/practiced this form myself. I read through some old posts on this forum and elsewhere and the opinions are rather mixed. Though it is true to go with the 'try it and if it feels right go with it' attitude oft prescribed :-) I was wondering if this practice can cause irreparable harm in the process. I request any one practicing this form or have heard about it to throw more light.


- Most issue people seem to have with this form is more so with cult behavior, philosophy etc. But as this can be studied online, one can probably avoid the unneeded stuff. So, minus the cult stuff, is the actual practice beneficial?


- There were some who thought that the method was too powerful and could harm an unprepared novice. Some felt that the practice was an incoherent mixup of three different systems of Qigong.


- Another issue that seems to be associated with this practice is its exclusivity. Other practices are strictly prohibited.


Has someone evaluated the technique alone? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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