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  1. Improving eye sight

    After an intense practice of Chilel Qigong for about 5 months, I had similar symptoms along with fading vision. An energetic evaluation done by my chi kung teacher did not show any imbalance. He suggested it could be a passing thing but it persisted for more than 2 months. Then I ran into Jeannie Garner, one of the original Kundalini Reiki teachers and lo! what an amazing lady. She fixed it in a whiff - heaven knows what she did...eyes felt normal overnight. She even teaches for free and purely for the love of it. My cousin who studies with Santiago ran into similar issues last month and Santiago was able to diagonize his issue through an email! He saw a protein deficiency and taking more proteins fixed it. Michael Winn writes many places about eyes being primary areas affected in case of an energetic imbalance, or as you said, they are just allergies ...
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Not sure if Yoda is reading it, but here is what Master Choa Kok Sui recommended to a couple with a young daughter who had similar issue in one of the early classes I was privileged to take with him. He told them do the energetic practice, open the heart to the best possible extent and give a bear hug to the child. They came back to report a great improvement overnight.
  3. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    I think with practice comes maturity and they will eventually get over the urge to impose the superiority of their view over the other's, to dwell on an overall integration rather than differentiation. But assuming there is enough practice along any of the chosen paths
  4. Speaking in tongues - christian version fake?

    While on a trip to one of the middle eastern countries, I was a forced witness to an exorcism performed by Sufi Priest on a 7-year old. She spoke several tongues - it all seemed same to me though. But the ones there which included a visiting French linguist, all visibly shaken, stated that she was speaking several ancient dialects of Persian, and Hebrew and something else. It was fascinating to watch the whole ritual and equally frightening. In this case, explaining is easy as all this was attributed to an entity within the child.
  5. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    You need to probably read through the past few pages and catch up The issue I am talking about is not about the discussion whether the two "are" same. I stated repeatedly that I don't subscribe to that belief that they are same. What I contested was the passing off of Buddhist Enlightenment as the "superior" one based solely on Buddhist concepts, definitions and analysis of partisan Buddhists which do not serve any useful purpose in establishing a concept such as of superiority. I was about to wait, probably for Xabir to point that out. Thank you! I am not trying to be an ass but just trying to illustrate the "view" of karma - what you sow so you reap. Those who disagree with others based on reason and some level of courtesy, can expect the same back. I was typing up the historical origin of Ati Yoga as he put it, how it was influenced by extremist teachings of some sects and all that, but I will save that for later. Vajrayana is something I have studied seriously for seven years and still continue to. So attacking Buddhism is certainly not the intention here. Namaste
  6. Who Are the Living Enlightened Masters?

    Mikaelz is 100% sure Dalai Lama is. May be he is! The three times I have seen him, he seemed like a nice person and great guy to talk to, with great interest towards Tantra and its branching into Buddist/Hindu branches. Certainly seemed to have a very open mind to listen, ask questions and express his views. And meeting him as representatives of a well-established Hindu organization certainly helped. I would not know how to recognize an enlightened guy for sure, but, as Trunk said, I see a very strong possibility that Mark Griffin is Enlightened. He seems to translate a lot of what Advaita/Kashmiri Shaivism teaches into an actual experience and help others embrace it.
  7. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    That you stick to the "concept" of "no concept" is funny and that is one of the beliefs you assume and use as the sole reason to criticize other paths. Funny What are these "views" and how are these "views" not concepts really? But don't Buddhists believe in a lot of things because a sutta that they think came from Buddha said so? Please note that every one believes something because they think it is the right thing to do. Leave it to an individual to decide and stop screaming from rooftops that you are "different" and "better". Actually, very less of what I have said can be translated as "belief". So the part of inquiry and questioning needs to be directed inwards by those who stick to "I feel", "I think" and the concept of "No concept". Another "belief" which is not entirely true, at least not in the relevant case. As for the futility of this argument and the childishness of "MY daddy is bigger and better" because "he says so" and "it makes sense to me" - I agree 100% with you, as I have repeatedly stated before. Ok, I get it. Creative exhaustion... We can wait for Xabir It is actually a real pleasure talking to him.
  8. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    The Buddhists have never been good at Sanskrit have they? Ati, to the best convenience of your definition can be exceeding or excess or extreme, and that can be translated as Transcending. First, original - well please check the root of the word ati and not wikipedia And a lot of us have similar beliefs, like Buddha sat under a tree for shade and that Pope represents the God as he is the chosen one to do many things. As I said, beliefs are their own and I don't contest them. But self-contradiction and the circularity of your arguments are something you would need to deal with yourself Hey you guys threw pages of terms - most of which are English but really meaning nothing outside the Buddhist framework. I am following the lead here. You seem to google well, and these can be easily googled as well
  9. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    Shaktipat's goal, unlike the guy quoted from E-Sangha mentioned, is not simply to awaken Kundalini but rather to dissolve malas or impurities that cause the apparent illusion of duality. At a lower energetic level, its initial stages can be simply awakening Kundalini thus initiating the journey. Kundalini is described as aham-svarupini or of the form of I-AM. The peak of Kundalini phenomenon is really the experience of Brahman, and other goals of her awakening have been called Kshudra or petty by the Yogins like Abhinavagupta. There are examples. Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati had a full state of Advatic experience and realization through one shaktipat from his master. He was the high priests of one of the four chief monastic institutions of Shankara and revered widely as an enlightened soul like Sri Ramana. My family learnt under him and witnessed how, to the qualified ones, this "grace" was bestowed upon unconditionally by the Master, propelling them deep into complete absorption and state of Aham. But he did advice practice for most, and that issue forms a separate post for the thread on neo-advaita vs traditional advaita. View....that is exactly what I am saying...what you repeatedly quote without a pause is Buddhist view. Does not make sense for an Advaitin and that does not mean others are treading the path on non-sense? Get it? So you assume he is Enlightened? Reason for that? Bliss is not smiling, laughing or having a great time right? A street trash guy I see on the way to work every day does that...of course, it is good to be happy...better to be enlightened. Homework brother! That will reduce a lot of "I thinks", "I feels" "Dunno why but just makes sense". Ati means 'extreme'. People who want to see a mole will find one, no matter where Please go back and read what I wrote. I even listed some of the many specific instances of what concepts he picked from where. If Buddha were such a moron that he just did a copy+paste, I would not spend time discussing him here. Let's give him some credit
  10. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    The Advaita list is still open to discussion and the best of East and West in advaita in the current day are on that forum. Those interested in discussing the "superiority" of Buddhism - I am just using this side as the example as this claim appeared on this thread before a counter-claim from the opposite side - could move the discussion there. There are many practicing Buddhists visiting that forum, unlike the representation of Advaita in E-Sangha where I posted frequently till about a year ago.
  11. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    You like to quote stories, and you agree you're a child! There rests my case. How about letting go of an idea that Buddha was the only correct one? At least till you experience if what he said was true beyond the books? I hate to actually get down to this oft repeated statement, but in the absence of other valid counter-arguments, this is all I can think of! By the way, there has been a significant softening of your stand and less contempt towards Hinduism or Advaita from the scream in the original post. Arguments, at the end of the day, may do nothing else, but at least mellow both sides and bring in some civility. Good to know ... Does it matter what the "belief" is? Belief or unsubstantiated "I feels" have not been my way of argument I now think Buddha was probably trying to find some shade on a hot day and sat under a tree
  12. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    There is not much to respond to this there? I have listed some specific details but cannot really take exception to what "you think" or what "you see". Peace and Blessings ... I have a strong feeling you have read the shoddy translation of Max Mueller or someone of the Veda. If at all one could understand Veda with such ease, there would be no commentaries required. You may want to take a look at Yaska's nirukta and Sayana's commentary to understand what the hyms mean. To understand every hymn, one would need to understand the shat angas - or the six limbs of Veda and this is where a competent commentary steps in to rescue the uninitiated.