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The Tao of Conversation and other Real World Applications

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I have tried applying inner alchemy / meditation principles to real world situations and get amazed every time I find a new application for it, most recently I have been applying it to conversation.

I have been watching the energy and flow of conversations, as well as dynamics within group conversations and where group attention is directed.

Spending a little concentration on what is actually being said, but more rather on the tonality and facial expressions of people during conversation. It's especially handy when people are talking rubbish that i'm not interested in listening to, but i want to direct them or lead them in a certain way, even if it is just to make them feel happy and feel that i'm interested in what they have to say. I've found it's also great for sales, just saying the positive and omitting the negative to lead them down the path to a sale - while still being ethical, convincing them to pay for a service they really need and will be greatly benefited by receiving. Having the calm to carefully choose words, and repeatedly having similar conversations I have whittled down what to say and what not to say a great deal. My sales skills, while i'm still no master, are tons better than what they were (before i absolutely sucked at it).

Some specific things i've noticed are, giving attention to those who want attention in a group, and giving them the type of attention they want. When somebody isn't interested in having a conversation with me, at the first instance i stop and direct my attention to somebody else, and once harmonizing their desire for attention (either me speaking or me listening), the first person then often begins to desire my attention. It has become a playing of energy with others, where what has been said becomes less important somewhat as to how the energy flows.

Of course i need to have some idea of the actual words being used too, or the whole thing can come crashing down real fast, but i am finding my new understanding of conversation is greatly improving my interactions with people. Much more than crafting the perfect dialog, adjusting my conversational energy to the needs of those around me seems to have people agreeable much more easily.

I remember watching a video with Milton, the Grandfather of hypnotism and seeing group dynamics on another, much more advanced level, but i didn't know how to do it, or how he did it. I feel i'm beginning to learn the basics now and it's very fascinating.

So i'm wondering, is there any other things you've noticed with conversations, or any other real world applications of what you've realized through meditation that you would like to share?

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