Trees, birds, rivers and oceans. Planet Earth, Gaia

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Humans insult all of the above. Result:




More madness


Alcoholism and drug abuse





Trees bring life and are our connection to the Divine. Same as the sacred mountains. The Chinese and the Hindus love and respect their mountains (Himalayas and Chinese Taoist and Buddhist sacred mountains).


Messing up with the Earth's meridians cause a huge impact on human health and spirituality. Harms the former and shuns the latter.


Panama Canal Construction, As a Cause of Biodiversity Loss in Panama Rainforest


At the energetic level the meridian running from the Amazon (liver) up to the northern part of the entire continent has been severed.


Egypt's Expansion of the Suez Canal Could Ruin the Mediterranean Sea



Japan insults the oceans with their aggressive fishing practices. Gaia responds quickly:


Fukushima Still Rattles Japan, Five Years After Nuclear Disaster



Bad karma in all human instances. Ego, greed, excessive use of technology, modern egotistic and profit-driven science.


These actions affects all of us, the entire planet.



Real Medicine, where Humanity is viewed as part of a huge energetic dynamic system, harmonious at times and not so harmonious at others. There are Taoist techniques to minimise the negative effect of not harmonious years bearing in mind the energetic impact of the changes placed by the Bagua.


Trees, plants, insects, birds and wildlife work together with nature spirits in order to maintain the living and conscious Earth (Gaia) as a energetic whole. Humans have divorced themselves from this relationship due to advances in modern technology and Science...but the problem started long time ago: cuttiing down the forests during the Green and Roman empires


Here is when Humans deviated from Heaven and started to insult the Earth.


They became the gods themselves.


Julius Caesar


Veni, vidi, vici


In modern times:


Hillary Clinton referring in 2011 to the death of Muammar Gaddafi by saying "We came, we saw, he died."


Modern politicians are also behaving like those Roman, God-like emperors. Defiant and arrogant. We no longer need Heaven and the Earth is a vast profitable medium.


Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the Humans


Trees hold so much life, not the one you just perceive with your physical senses but the connection to the higher astral planes: earth spirit mansions on and around trees, bridges to mid-air deva worlds, the gateway to the God worlds and even higher dimensions and finally the gateway into nirvana, the Tao itself.


The Real Threat to Europe’s Last Primeval Forest: Bark Beetles or Undemocratic Politicians?







No tree, no spirit.

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