Years On The Road, Things I Learned

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The only reason I believe people achieve anything is not based entirely on skill. A person with the best skills can still fail. A person with high intellect can also fail. A media personality can also fail once his style becomes obsolete. Sometimes a person is too good at something. So good that it becomes their own undoing. In the end, a person who is able to make people laugh out lasts and has the only lasting effect on achievement. Have you ever said, “Oh I like this person because he is a cold cod fish?” How about, “I like this guy because he is serious all the time.” Maybe, “Man she lies all the time, yeah she gets the job.”


Or maybe he is the chosen one. LOL


So, I made my mistakes before coming here, eventually worked them all out. Along the way I learned much about myself and other people. In fact, I learned too well that certain kinds of people exist. People that should not, but they do. Lets just say that I came from the low end of the High Class spectrum of income. At least that was what I was born into. Everything else was just being at the right place at the right time. I always neglect to explain my parents were in fact rich. Perhaps I thought it did not matter. When things are just handed to you and you also learn things by just being someplace at the right time you do not comprehend disadvantaged people. That was my kryptonite. I traveled and eventually lived as a poor person, homeless for some time. What I did not have I made up for in skills. Skills that did not come from being poor. So, in reality if you are poor, you really are disadvantaged. In fact, most people who are that impoverished have difficulty really believing in anything or anyone and that brings me to my first point. After I started cleaning house with my relationships with people and what not I came to a striking realization.


There are people who will lie to you. They do it because they do not care what the real facts are. They lie because the facts do not favor them or they are stupid.


That was probably a few of the worst experiences I have lived through. My immediate family was GOOD. We valued truth and facts the most. But there are people in this world who do not care if they destroy society, or cause consequences because they lied to their own ends. These people are the most destructive because they do not comprehend that lying always causes some catastrophic destruction of some kind. This seems to happen with people who are very impoverished. They just do not see how this affects society. Later I came to recognize that people I had cut out of my life… Were like this. Some of them shamed others and lied for their own ends. Now that I have lived through it and realize that people like this exist I wonder: Perhaps because they did not have value to society maybe they stay poor because of it. So I did not know and was liberal, learned and became conservative which was ironic because my disposition seemed to be liberal, though I valued fact and truth.


Values Save Society and Relationships


If men become feminine,

then women dislike those men.

If men become confused about who they are as men…

This leads to confusion and co-dependency.

Where there is co-dependency, domestic violence increases.

The same can be said for the opposite in women if they become masculine.

This is also true in the extreme as reports of domestic violence in LGBT marriages is several times higher than in heterosexual ones.


This is the heart of the issue. When what a person is and how they function is confused there are always more severe problems that impact society as a whole.


The current big lie propaganda that is told over and over until people believe it…

Brainwashed the population in the United States and Canada into believing that if you do not support this evil propaganda you are a bigot or you are gay and the list goes on.

In the end the facts and truth are that feminism and gay rights destroy people and their relationships. They do so in the way I had described above.


Instead of getting a chance to fight it… What happens?

We reach the end of the epoch with Nationalism taking off and threatening the destruction of this ridiculousness. Good riddance.

So now you have your facts. Is truth hate?

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” - George Orwell

Who would have thought?


The Lurkers


Years ago I knew people like this existed, but did not understand the implications. People who watch others and stalk or monitor other people tend to be evil and diabolical in nature. Same goes for watch groups they become so obsessed with this kind of power utterly engulfed and consumed with the power of watching someone till they:

Do something they do not like

They fail at something.


Do Not Tell Anyone


Success seems to also depend on not being found or just not telling people anything.

So, if you know something good, have a good plan, are going to destroy evil.

Do not tell anyone. Do not show what you have. Keep everything hidden including who you are and where you are.


Ironically, you can learn the same from George Carlin


If you watch all of George Carlin’s videos you end up learning something similar.

Plus it is funny. Much funnier than me. Plus you will not have to watch unicorns perish, or me doing some other act that could be seen as hateful… Like telling the truth.


I recommend starting with his segment on “Political Correctness is Facism masquerading as manners.” Eventually graduate to his rules of success.


Stay Sane

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As I was traveling I thought of another few interesting topics that might trip your neurons up, funny bone or just be way too shocking.


Never Underestimate The Power Of Human Jealousy


Ever dressed your best, or felt good about how you are or where your life is going?

Maybe you have manners. Maybe you can do things others can not.

There will always be things you have that other people are jealous of.

Maybe it is simple as you have long hair and other people do not.

This is based upon my rule of “do not tell anyone”.


In the past I have thought… Why do I have to change? Does not jealousy mean that other people do not want to accomplish things for themselves? Well, yes.

But the next time you are looking for that promotion, that financing for your next business or you go on that date ask yourself: How jealous is the person you are meeting with?

Just because you are crazy enough to have or be good at whatever it is that makes you tick… Also means that the person can, in their jealousy see you as a fake person.

This can disqualify you from many things you see yourself achieving.

Crazy is it not? It is funny at the same time. But by the same token if you show that whatever it is the person has focused on… Is somehow flawed… Then they love you for it because they do not somehow feel you are superior to them. They then feel like they have the goods on you and so you are safe. Lets see how this works.


Interviewer: Wow your hair is still black and thick looking just as it was back in Highschool!

Me: Yes, I must admit I cheated and use Chinese herbs.

Interviewer: Really? Chinese herbs?

Me: Yes, but the downside is I can not eat normal food anymore and they ended up being most of my diet.

Interviewer: Sorry to hear that.


The truth is, yes it did affect my diet that way. In the end it also made them feel sorry for my predicament. But in this way if you show people that what they envy has a price, it wakes them up to reality. So, always be conscious of people’s jealousies. Dress for the part. If you look like you are out of place, you most certainly are.


When People Ask Your Opinion Of Someone Who Is Your Enemy


Always say something nice. Sometimes it confounds people because they always expect something negative. If you can say good things about even your greatest enemy then you have won the battle and the war. A good example is I had a difficult supervisor in the past.


Coworker: So, how do you put up with so-and-so, he is not an easy person to work with is he?

Me: I can not say anything bad about him. He gives me treats.

Coworker: *laughs*


By the same token, fighting against someone only makes them stronger. That is the law of attraction and also how I ended up on the payroll of someone who paid me to oppose him for a time. Good lesson to follow and shows how these things work. The best people who succeed have strong opposition. If you really want to oppose someone, you have to rethink everything you ever knew. As for a job, you get paid to do it. There you go and that is all that can be said. Just look at history. We are spectators really. People come and go. Nations rise and fall. People become liberal then nationalistic.

Things allways change. They never stay the same.


Your Life And Everything In It Is One Big Alliance


If you want to change your life, you have to change things about yourself.

You have to change how you see things and most importantly your friends.

The people you ally yourself with determine where you will go in life.

If you have friends who shame you into a liberal design that constantly make you see yourself as a victim… You might be happy, yet totally reliant on giving your power to a system that you expect to get things from.

Being one of those people at one time, you set yourself up for one of the greatest disappointments. For when you are so wholly bent on getting something or dependant upon payouts from this scheme you give up achieving things. It is sad.

It is better to have friends that are working on making themselves better and making others better by achieving things for themselves. Helping others achieve for themselves.

How? It teaches self-reliance and learning to become self-sufficient. You do not have to give your power away to a ridiculous idea that people have to be shamed to be kept in-line. You work to do things for yourself.

The other way is lazy. Sure, it is fine for some. When society changes again and there is nothing to rely on… That is when you will thank me.


There are Colleges here in the states that now in their welcome letters state that there will be no safe-spaces and that free speech and the like will be protected. This is different than the previous political correctness dogma founded on liberal ideology.

Jesus healed the cripples. He did not go out of his way to make people feel better about defects. There are plenty of spiritual people who were cripples. It makes no difference.

Except to serve the fact, piping hot, not cold that society has become so sensitive and out of touch with reality that it needed such things.

(The last few sentences are paraphrased from George Carlin’s words)


So, if you want to do great things. Find other people who are successful and build upon successes rather than failure. If you talk about failure all the time, think and write down things you have done and succeeded at. If need be, suspend reality checking if it is slowing you down.


I Tried It And It Did Not Work!

Anybody heard this one?

This is always a lie.

Anytime you hear this from someone they either lacked confidence, conviction or stamina to carefully see something through. It usually makes people throw up their hands and give up.


Unless they tried some work or item of quackery it usually is a sign that they have something different to sell. You can save time and money ignoring anyone who talks this way. Unless you want to look into their eyes to see their pupils dance around from the internal concussion they just gave themselves. Best change the subject entirely otherwise next comes the emotional manipulation. I am all for empathy. Patterns, patterns life is about patterns. If you get involved there will be no end to the suffering you put up with.


I Just Want To Be Happy


Do the things that make you happy (within law and reason).


I Just Want To Be Superior/ Superpowerful/ Supersayian

This is out of touch with reality. If you think you are, or want to be it is closely related to:

“I did it and it did not work”. This kind of conversation usually culminates in them saying something that they think is really smart or cunning. Save yourself the trouble.


Life Is Not Fair

Once a person believes this, it tends to crush their hopes and dreams. Having lived on either side of this lie… It is better to believe that life is fair. Because, I have also lived around people dragged down by it and it is not pretty. In a way it is like mental slavery. Who ever makes you believe this holds the shackles.


The person that gets you worked up about this or that

This is another form of control.

Learn to control yourself and your emotions through breathing and you will become aware of it. It is also another form of emotional slavery because it will manifest the fears they suggest.


Person 1: Oh no! Wait did you see that?

Me: You know I do not react like that. Stop it. Just relax and tell me what is going on.

Person 1: You never…


Note the absolutes like never, all the time… so on. If they use a lot of them and there is not a lot of sound reason, they may have some things they need to work through. But, you avoid losing composure or making a serious mistake by controlling your emotions through proper breathing (learned elsewhere mind you lol).


Also a side note that empathy comes with relationships. It is just not balanced to get worked up about things quickly. Some teachers explain this as Qi Stagnation problems.

I just call avoiding it and the Qi Stagnation common sense.


Just some other things that came to mind… later

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