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Morality & Significance

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post-57-1111380644_thumb.jpgAs a child, you learn the basics.

Then you learn contradictions, abstractions, complications...


Leaving your original child-like form in the dust.


As a child, you look around your being more often than the later years, in which you avoid such unimportant things, when your time is more demanded and your endeavors more mechanical...striving harder day by day to make a living...


But in fact, you are not are obligating every second of your life.


When you used to look around in wonder of all the things surrounding you, coloring your life, making every day somehow fixated, meaningful, with so many gifts to offer-so many things to learn...

And do you remember not being able to wait to learn them all?


Being in the world of nature has healed my spirits and my soul more than anythings else in existence...and with years of time and growing, I came to learn it well-and with the gift of being able to enjoy it fully as a child, while running through fields, forests, creeks, soggy swampland, treehouses, campgrounds, expeditions to lakes in weekend getaways, it has been an AMAZING experience to get to know the many faces of nature's sweet offerings.


I'd have to say that forests have been my enjoyment of choice.

Something in them reminds me that life-

is forever changing, becoming things that I will not always understand...

And even if I fight hard to find meaning and face struggle, I am always reminded to be patient...the cycle of life is endless and will eventually turn in another direction that may lend ease to my troubles.

And just by being with them, sharing company in this too-crowded,

overburdened, self-interested world...

Lets me feel a sense of freedom from these horrendous forces:

giving me the gift of mercy, silence, and most important of all-



NEVER take nature away from me.

If that happens...I am afraid I will lose the very foundation of my living spirit.

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